Year: 2021


I Never Got to Celebrate Christmas. Now I’m Making Up for It.

Would you believe it if I told you that I never celebrated Christmas growing up? A lot of people I meet don’t believe it, but it’s the truth. I grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish family where all such holidays were not celebrated. Not a single Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or most legal holidays were commemorated. […]


5 Things You Should Do Sooner Rather Than Later When Moving to the Netherlands

Moving to any new country can be extremely difficult. Even moving to a new city can be hard. As someone who moved to the Netherlands several years ago from the USA, here are a few things I wish I did right away instead of procrastinating. These things are much more important than I initially thought. […]


Does Your Loyalty to Your Job Have Anything to Do With What Country You Come From?

Do you think how loyal you are to your job has anything to do with where you come from? I’ve been living in the Netherlands for the past three years, and my views on life have certainly gotten a refresh. The other day, I stumbled upon my friend’s LinkedIn profile. On her profile, she had […]


Being a Small Business Owner Can Be Amazing, but These Are Some Things You Should Know

Many people seem to think that people who have their own business have it all. Well, that isn’t usually the case. Having your own business can be a lot more challenging than simply being an employee. Of course, there are a ton of pros to working for yourself. Sadly, people often don’t know the effort […]


My Love of Flying Was Compromised on a Recent Flight. Here’s the Story.

I’ve always been a person obsessed with airplanes. I have even considered becoming a flight attendant or pilot. For various reasons, I chose a different path in life, one in real estate, and now, one in writing. I still find airplanes quite fascinating. I don’t know why. I love taking the afternoon and going plane […]

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