I Definitely Don’t Take These Things for Granted Living in the Netherlands

When you grow up and live somewhere your entire life, it’s easy to feel like everything is just normal. Meaning you tend to take the good things for granted because they are just a part of life. But, as an immigrant in the Netherlands, I see things from a different perspective. This is because I […]


How to Land a Job In A Foreign Country Even if You Don’t Speak the Local Language Yet

One of the first things many people think about before moving abroad is how to land a job even though they don’t speak the local language yet. Before my boss agreed to let me work remotely from the Netherlands, I wondered the same thing. I’m glad that I could work remotely then and now have […]


Looking for Ideas for Your Next Vacation? How About a Road Trip to the Balkans?

Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. Before going on vacation, most people plan where they will be going and what they want to see. My partner and I are the opposite. We usually have no plan and do little research beforehand besides visa requirements and such. In March, we took a short […]


Check Out These Workshops If You’re Looking For Something to Do in the Netherlands

Taking workshops is one of the best ways to learn about a culture and connect with others, in my opinion. Since moving to the Netherlands almost five years ago, I’ve taken a handful of workshops. I’ve also taken workshops in other countries as well. Most of them have been fun, informative, and well worth the […]

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