Year: 2022


One of the Things I Miss the Most as an Immigrant in the Netherlands

Recently someone commented on one of my videos that I’m not an immigrant because I’m from the west. A lot of internationals use the terms immigrant and expat interchangeably; me included sometimes. But the reality is, I came here for love, did all the inburgeringsexamen, and own a business registered with the Dutch chamber of […]


How to Advocate for Yourself When Dutch Doctors Won’t Take You Seriously

Navigating through any healthcare system unfamiliar to you is challenging. But navigating through a system that considers “paracetamol” a cure-all is so much harder. If you love the Dutch healthcare system and think it is perfect, then this blog post isn’t for you. However, if you’ve had issues getting the doctor(s) to take you seriously, […]


10 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Working For Yourself

Please take note this post contains affiliate links. Being your own boss is so romanticized on social media, it is insane. Do I love working for myself as a freelance writer and editor? Absolutely! Is freelancing for everyone? Absolutely not! There are so many reasons why working as an employee is better than working for […]


8 Less Talked About Reasons the Netherlands Is a Great Place to Live

Whenever I see anyone post on social media about why they love the Netherlands, it’s always about the same things. They love the public transport, cycling culture, vakantie geld, affordable flowers, good education, safety, and such. But there are so many other reasons why the Netherlands is a great place to live that people don’t […]


Soak Up the Last Bits of Summer by Boating in the Biesbosch

Please take note this post contains affiliate links. Can you believe it’s already August? This summer has passed by so quickly! Summer is all about enjoying the hot weather, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the outdoors. The Netherlands has had some spectacular weather this warm season. If you live here, you know what’s coming […]


Financial Health Doesn’t Happen Overnight, but It Can Be Achieved

Please take note this blog post contains affiliate links. Anyone who knows or follows me on social media knows I’m a fanatic about personal finance. Growing up in an extremely poor home, then living with upper-middle-class foster parents, living on my own with very low pay, and now living comfortably on a two-person salary has […]

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