5 Places to See in the Netherlands Without Swarms of Tourists

5 Places to See in the Netherlands Without Swarms of Tourists

I feel like all of the famous Dutch places like Kinderdijk, Amsterdam, Keukenhof, and Giethoorn are amazing, but there are tons of tourists there all the time. Don’t get me wrong; they are fantastic places to see and definitely worth it. But I want to see more unique places in the Netherlands when I have time off or my family and friends come to town. So below are five places I have found while living in the Netherlands that are well worth visiting. And best of all, they are pretty special and not well known.

Jongenhoeve Kaasboerderij

Jongenhoeve Kaasboerderij is a dairy farm and shop in South Holland. Although I live very far from this place, it’s still my favorite place to shop for cheese. You can sample tons of different kinds of cheeses before you choose the ones you want to buy. The elderly lady who works in this tiny cheese shop cuts the giant wheels of cheese herself. It’s quite amazing. So you can buy the exact amount of cheese you want.

In addition to cheese, they also sell farm-made fruit juices, candy, mustard, ice cream, and even goose burgers. I love trying unique things, so this was great for me! They used to do tours of how the cheese was made, but they stopped a while ago. Perhaps they started again; I’m not sure. Every time my Dutch partner Kevin and I go there, we come out with a bag full of cheese and other delicious goodies.

Klompenmakerij Traas

Klompenmakerij Traas is where they make the famous Dutch clogs. They sell all sizes of clogs, from baby clogs to adult clogs. You can also get clogs made to order with whatever design you want. In addition, you can learn about the clog-making process by taking a tour. This small but impressive clog factory is located in the province of Zeeland.

Kamphuisen Siroopwafelfabriek

Most people are familiar with the famous Dutch stroopwafel, but few know about the Dutch siroopwafel. No these two cookies are not the same things. The history is actually really interesting. Located in the center of Gouda hidden behind the shop is a factory only making siroopwafels. You can learn all about the history of these delicious cookies in the factory. It’s quite the interactive and delicious experience.

La Trappe Brewery

One of my favorite beers of all time is the La Trappe Isidor. This beer is deliciously sweet and full of flavor. I really love this brewery because it’s not a normal brewery, it’s an abbey, and the beer is made by monks. In addition to the tour, make sure to stop by their restaurant to try all of the beers and Dutch snacks. Also, visit the gift shop to buy cheese and other products made at the abbey.

But most importantly, do not leave without buying a bottle or two of their oak-aged beer. You cannot find this beer in any grocery store or liquor shop. They only sell it there and every batch tastes deliciously different. I love this brewery for their beer and gorgeous location close to Tilburg. Make sure to come hungry and thirsty.

Como & Co Restaurant

One of the most memorable restaurants I’ve ever been to is Como & Co. It’s not memorable for the food, although very good, it’s memorable because of the location. This restaurant is at the foot of a lake with lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Everywhere you walk is full of flowers. Can you imagine a more perfect location?

It’s a sunny day and you’re sitting with a beer or tea at a restaurant on a lake surrounded by tons of gorgeous bright flowers. I couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy the sunshine and this beautiful country. This restaurant left a lasting impression on me.

I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit in this beautiful country that I call home. If you know of anywhere that’s not overrun by tourists and gorgeous, please leave it in the comments. I’d love to hear where and why I should visit these places. Thank you so much for reading!

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What are some places off the beaten path in the Netherlands that you’ve discovered?

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