Welcome To My World!

Hi! My name is Soreh Milchtein. I am a Wisconsin (USA) girl born to a Russian dad and a Belorussian mom. Now I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend. He’s Dutch. Ever since I could remember, I loved cooking and traveling. That is why I started this page. I want to share all the goodness about traveling, food and so much more.

I like to look at a recipe and cook it with my own twist. I don’t like following recipes. I like following my own feeling. All the recipes that I post is following the improviser’s guide to cooking. So don’t feel pressured to follow the recipe to a T, because I don’t.

For my day job, I work remotely as a residential manager for a Brooklyn real estate firm. Being able to work remotely has given me the privilege of unlimited travel and exploration time. I can be anywhere at anytime and still work.

I come from a GIANT family. And I mean GIANT. I have 11 biological sisters and 3 biological brothers. Yes, they are all from the same parents, and yes they are still married. I’ve also got two foster parents who took me into their family with their son and a foster daughter. Furthermore, I have an incredible best friend. We’ve known each other since we were little.

When I’m not blogging, working, or spending time with my boyfriend, I’m chatting anyway with my family and seeing the world. I thrive on learning new things and having new experiences.

Come join along with me on my adventures!