I’m So Excited to Announce the Scribble a Dream Podcast!

I’m So Excited to Announce the Scribble a Dream Podcast!

After months of learning how to record and edit and then actually recording, editing, and scheduling, I am so excited to finally announce the Scribble a Dream podcast! Every Wednesday, I’ll bring on a new guest to talk about life in smaller Dutch cities and towns. I feel like there is so much content about Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and such, but not so much about other places. So now is the time for the other places to have their moment.

Whenever people find out that I live in the Netherlands, they ask how I like living in Amsterdam. I’m not joking; this is a very common question people ask. And not only friends and family back in the USA but also foreigners and Dutch people in the Netherlands. There is an entire world outside of the big Dutch cities, and I intend to explore it via my podcast. My guests come from places like the USA, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, and more.

It Has Been a Journey

So far, I have 5 episodes recorded and scheduled, plus one more I need to edit and schedule. I’ve had some difficulties getting people on my podcast. I had one episode that was recorded and then corrupted. So, I haven’t been able to reschedule that recording yet. I’ve had one guest that, unfortunately, has had a bought of bad luck and has been sick and injured. I’ve also had the people who said they wanted to record and then backed out at the last minute. And finally, I’ve had people who said they would contact me about recording an episode and then never did.

I completely understand. I’m used to putting myself out there on my blog, Instagram, and TikTok. And now I have my podcast. But most people aren’t comfortable putting themselves out there like that. I totally understand that. It’s scary to do something you’ve never done before, especially if it’s opening yourself up to all of the hateful comments online. I’m only mentioning my challenges because those are the reasons I don’t have more episodes recorded. But I want to record more episodes.

I’d Love to Hear From You

My goal was to start with 12 episodes. So maybe you or someone you know is interested in sharing your story on my podcast. Be sure to check out my podcast. If you’re interested, send me an email. I appreciate it!

Thank you for reading my blog and now listening to my podcast. I really appreciate all your support since I started Scribble a Dream. Let me know in the comments what you want to know from my guests about life in smaller Dutch cities and towns. I’ll try to get your questions answered.

And as always, do not forget to follow me on my Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Thank you!

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