Dutch People Are the Coldest M-F**Kers, and 10 Other Things I Hate About the Netherlands

Dutch People Are the Coldest M-F**Kers, and 10 Other Things I Hate About the Netherlands

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They might be the coldest people, but they aren’t as cold as Wisconsin, USA. And trust me, I know cold. I grew up in WI, born in December to Russian Jewish immigrants. Arguably, WI is the coldest place in the continental US. I really do know cold. Listen, before you start reading this, you should know, that I actually do love the Netherlands. Check out my blog posts about how much I love the Netherlands.

This is my humorous take on the few things that do get under my skin. All in good fun. I mean, would you want to be here if you’re expected to start working before the sun’s come up? Like what in the world? It’s a culture I’m still learning to understand. I have embraced some things about it like riding a bike, but other things, I’ll never wrap my head around. Who wants to eat sandwiches twice a day for the rest of your life?

1. Very Hard to Find Variety

I feel like it’s sometimes impossible to find fresh ingredients in the supermarket. Like in order to get good dill, I need to go to the farmers market. The one in the supermarket is already chopped up and super gross. Trying to find more than 3 varieties of potatoes? You’re going to have to search really far. Many times, I just have to settle instead of enjoy things that I like. In order to find variety like certain spices or dill pickles, you must go to specialized stores. It’s great for small businesses but annoying for me. I’m used to finding everything at the supermarket.

2. Dutch People Are Some of the Coldest M-F**Kers Out There

I have yet to meet a Dutch person who wants to be my friend. They always say that they would love to meet up, I give them my number and then they never call. I thought the whole click thing when you don’t want new friends were left in high school. Apparently not. I have met a few warm Dutch people. They will help you if you need help. My neighbors can be quite helpful when I need assistance with schlepping something. But I never see them showing any kind of emotion. I can’t exactly describe what being warm is like. If you know what I mean, you get it. The Dutch are certainly not warm people. Perhaps it’s not so much them being cold but my being one of those, you know, Americans.

3. Working Times

My boyfriend starts work at or before 8:00 am. Most people in his office start way before he does. I get you want to beat the morning traffic, but is it worth waking before daylight and going to sleep when babies go to bed? Hmm, I don’t think so.

I woke up to sunrise and my boyfriend was already at work.

4. Sandwiches?!

What is it with the Dutch’s obsession with bread? It’s delicious, I know, but can we get a decent breakfast or lunch once in a while? Don’t they ever get bored of their sandwiches? I sometimes eat sandwiches when I want something quick. A lot of days, I eat eggs, oatmeal, or even a bowl of cereal and milk. So nice to switch it up once in a while.

A proper eggy breakfast.

5. Doctors Who Seem to Have Never Gone to Medical School

I know the Dutch system is one of the best. But, of course, I’m the one who had a bad experience. It’s kinda hard to bounce back from a wrongly diagnosed broken foot that led to more than a year in pain. I wrote a whole blog post about that too. The doctors here do not know how to be a doctor. They always send you away saying you’ll be fine and that you should take paracetamol, like what the hell? Is it a cure-all? And when they do give you a medication, they don’t even explain how to use it for how long.

My doctor always tells me “Soreh, we aren’t in America, we don’t test everyone because it’s costly.” Like wtf. No shit, we aren’t in America, but can I get a proper diagnosis? Do they even have a heart? Did they even go to medical school? I guess in a way it’s a good way of practicing medicine because there aren’t a huge number of opioid addicts.

6. The Dutch Are Very Punctual

Someone invites you for dinner at 6:00 pm; expect to be there at 5:55 pm. Does the party start at 9:00 pm? If you’re not there by 9:00 pm sharp, you’re late. I’m all for punctuality when it comes to work or appointments, but social gatherings? There’s no harm in showing up a bit late. What’s another 15 or 20 minutes? Stereotypically, Jews don’t own a watch. So being on time isn’t exactly easy for us. I’m obsessed with this watch my partner Kevin gave me for my birthday.

Always gotta be checking my watch.

7. No Hugs, Kisses, or Even Shaking Hands

It took me a long time to unlearn my Hasidic education around not showing affection in public. Once I finally unlearned it, I ended up in the Netherlands. Dutch people don’t even kiss or hold hands in public if they are a couple. The only PDA they show is on formal occasions like Christmas, they greet each other with 3 kisses. I guess they got to make up for all that PDA they missed throughout the year.

8. Speaking English to You When You’re Trying to Speak Dutch

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the hell out of Dutch people. They actually learn English, unlike the stubborn French people. But if I’m trying to learn Dutch and actually speak to you in Dutch, can you work with me? Then they go and ask, “how’s your Dutch going?” Horrid because you answered me in English. Makes my life easier right now but in the long run, it’s only making it harder for me to learn Dutch.

9. What’s Cooking?

I blame this one on my Hasidic mother too. She made everything from scratch, from soup to bread. How can it be that the Netherlands is so close to so many countries with good food, like France, and Dutch people do not know how to cook well? I’m very sorry but taking frozen snacks and frying them isn’t cooking. Taking soup and meat out of a can and heating them up isn’t cooking. Not to mention, all the food is hella bland. Have you ever heard of spices? I thought they were known for the East India (Spices) Company. Fried snacks like bitterballen are delicious but they aren’t a proper meal. The Dutch people value time with family instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

Canned what soup? Hell no. Made 100% from scratch.

10. Sugar in Everything

Sugar, sugar, sugar. Every salad and prepared food you can find has sugar. What is the obsession with sugar? Doctors in America have drummed into me the horrors of sugar. Not that it really got to me, but at least I attempted to cut back. Kinda impossible here. Who puts sugar in a deviled eggs or tuna salad? They are ruining my favorite foods with their sugar fixation. They even eat buttered bread with sprinkles, it’s called hagelslag. It’s just not my cup of tea.

I make my own deviled eggs, without sugar.

11. The Yelling

I grew up in a home where people were always yelling so I intentionally took myself out of such situations. The Dutch are always yelling at each other. They think it’s a normal tone of voice, but it’s really not guys. If you have to talk over each other, then you’re yelling. I learned in kindergarten how to use my indoor voice. That yelling tone of voice actually hurts people’s feelings. Foreigners aren’t used to be yelled at about everything.

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157 thoughts on “Dutch People Are the Coldest M-F**Kers, and 10 Other Things I Hate About the Netherlands

    1. Hey listen, I totally get it. I’m not patriotic. This is my take on a country that I’ve grown to love. Feel free to read all my other posts about how much I love it here. Come on, you gotta understand that outsiders can have some negative views.

      1. I am sorry that you have ran into some negative experiences, but I guess you were just unlucky. Your experiences are def. not representative, although I recognise some of the things you are saying. Anyhow, thank you very much for expressing you really love the country, and I am glad that the few negative experiences that you ran into have not given you a negative view on the entire country.

    2. Wow people, you need to calm down. The first paragraph reads that she loves it here. The post is well written and it’s about one person’s experience.

      Sorry, great work. I’ll be reading more by you.

      1. I’m agree about what he says about dutch creatures
        They are villagers with yellow skin they hate middle easterns AND Dutch girl’s fuck ONLY with blacks ignore others _They offer job’s to europians or blacks
        It’s waseting time to even visit holland
        Its compeletly bolshit

    3. I recognize all of what you are saying. I have never lived anywhere it is soooo hard to make friends. I have some great acquaintances with whom i go out to dinner, etc (when it was possible that is) but finding a “bosom buddy” seems impossible. And i also agree with you about the “broodjescultuur” as i call it; eating sandwiches twice a day and most cafes offering the exact same menu for lunch:-)
      But i don’t quite get the “early to work” phenomenon. When i was working (because i am in tourism and that has evaporated 100% at the moment) snd i had to be in a certain location, in the beginning i would follow my NY method: get there and go have breakfast somewhere near there! But alas, had to give that up, because no self respecting Dutch cafe opens up before 8 am at earliest, and that would be way too late for me, as my assignments would mostly start at that time! So now i have breakfast at home. But yes, i do miss the occasional wonderful, sinfully delicious, cholesterol filled US breakfasts, like eggs sunnyside with bacon and homefries.,, Now can’t even get to NY to have one..


      GET A LIFE C**T!!!

    5. wow RELAX. i’ve been living here 4 yrs and hate it. everything he said is true and your response proved it.

    6. Classic Dutch response… Be as direct and critical with others as you wish but have zero capacity to accept criticism and self reflect. No wonder the Dutch have an overblown sense of their own culture. 😂

      1. I think you are generalizing a bit here Sam, just because one or two people react that way does not mean that that holds true for the entire population.

        1. Dutch people are not free and open as they always try to portray themselves. They are actually a bunch of money hungry xenophobs who think they are somehow the greatest culture on earth. Listen Dutch people, you are boring, your hyper capitalism is what’s wrong with this planet, you have no respect for other people, you have no culture and you are loud and obnoxious.

          1. Bro calm down man. I agree there a things that can be better (there is racism, but that is probably in every country. I am Dutch and I don’t know anyone who hates the Netherlands but I also don’t know anybody who is super proud because he/she is Dutch. We don’t sing our anthem (only on Koningsdag or during great football matches, unlike most American (no hate to them) and we aren’t much more money hungry than other countries. We are very thrifty/Calvinistic/Protestant because our bad history with the Catholic Church (no hate to Catholics) I don’t say Netherlands is the best country but it’s certainly not the worst. Every country has good and negative things.

      2. Poor ol’ flo , she’s all the characteristics of a typical xenophobic , NPD toxic untreatable touchy dutchy . They’re comletely obsessed ith being borish i must say . I’ve lived/worked all over NL and its endemc /ingrained and anything to do with moneys ‘verboten’ as far as having a bit of class, being generous of spirit, aand pppocket. Thet’re incredibly narcissistic . Just look at thier driving habits ;NO MANNERS!Being ssnidee,rude, and obnoxious is second nature to the dutch . They behave in a very base way to other Nationalities . Absolutely and incorrigably ungrateful about anything re WW2 and the allies , whome they detest , where as the collabatorial french, germans ( :S ) are thier best friends , in europe it seems . Thier ignorance is only matched by thier ability to be far too up themselves , and think anti social behaviours acceptable . Its not . As for friends who are dutch forget it ;you NOT dutch so it’ll never happen . Heard that a million times . Small minded , not terribly well educated , yet think they’re THE defintion of cool /sophistication . They’re way too high up in their arrogant self estimation . ps NEVER BUY A VEHICLE/BOAT etc from a dutchy …… just sayin ‘

        1. Whe literally celebrate when we were freed from Germany by the English and Americans and Canadians. We have something called Bevrijdingsdag and we celebrate every year that the Americans safed us from the Nazis, so I don’t know what you are talking about. And every country has narcissistic and arrogant people (it’s nothing Dutch). Offcourse are country has issues (racism, Toeslagenaffaire and earthquakes in Groningen) but don’t say every Dutch guy or girl is arrogant and narcissistic because you are talking about 17 million people.

    7. Florence, I’d rather you snd the likes leave.

      NL is very nationalistic and racist country especially against certain races. Guess what? Jews and even more so middle-east people are really hated here. It’ll take ages before these autochthones will condescend to speaking Dutch to you. You’ll almost never get accepted.

      On the contrary, if you’re a blonde Russian (woman much better), then they’ll embrace you and speak their ugly language even if you don’t want to. They perfectly realise that you ain’t Dutch, but you’ll have the f@ing click.

      1. We have racism because that’s in every country and. And I don’t know when you were in the Netherlands (maybe during WWII) because we don’t hate Jewish people. I don’t know anyone who hates Jews in the Netherlands except some of those horrible peoples who believe in conspiracy theories (but there are not many people who believe in those). But antisemitism is everywhere (and that’s horrible).

        On contrary off you are a blonde Russian you are really hated here because of the invasion of Ukraine. But I find it funny that you say 17 million people are racist so I think you are a bigger racist than most Dutch people.

    8. Lol Dutch people responding with the comment ‘if you don’t like it then leave… ‘ to any bit of critic of perspective is also very Dutch.

      1. Yeah. Unfortunately, immigrants, expats, and tourists cannot be as open and direct as the Dutch. Directness is a one way thing here.

        1. Als Nederlander zeg ik jou dat een heleboel Nederlanders absoluut niet direct zijn. Ze bejegenen iemand die in hun ogen onder hen staat in de hierarchie zeer vervelend em zeggen dan dat ze direct zijn. Tegelijkertijd slijmen ze bij hun bazen op een manier waar je plaatsvervangende schaamte van krijgt.
          Toeristen en expats hebben gelijk dat ze dat bizar en laf gedrag vinden.
          Oude Nederlanders uit oudere generaties waren direct. To fhe point, zakelijk. Mensen van nu denken dat direct zijn hetzelfde betekent als een pestkop zijn.

    9. I prefer someone who speaks the truth over someone who is incredibly fragile like Florence Matermann apparently. You can diss it out but you can’t take it; my most annoying fellow Dutch people are like this this. They whine about women and buitenlanders, but they can’t take the slightest criticism and are not relaxed or pleasant at all. So much for vrijheid van meningsuiting; only one opinion is allowed as far as people like that are concerned. And that opinion is not based on critical thinking or logic, but on hierarchy; it is an opinion that was marinated into them by their leaders (Dutfh society is actually incredibly hierarchical, and this hierarchy is often -but not always- based on race and gender).
      So I’d much rather see that Florence Matermann would leave my country than the writer of this blog.

    10. Such a Dutch response lol. Perfectly illustrates the problem with the Dutch. They “tolerate” you on the very thin premise that you will conform and never criticize. Arrogant people with fragile egos.

      1. Don’t need to call it anything. As that is the only way for Dutch. If one party pays then it’s called “being an idiot”

      2. Funny because Netherlands is one of the most beloved countries in the world. But on vacations we are very annoying.

    11. Why dont you join the collective suicide of the netherlands? You are all going in that direction anyway. No culture, honour or essence left. Also the connection to nature has been long lost. I am very happy with not being dutch. Maybe the netherlands will become an islamic country very soon. Maybe that will improve things? Cant get much worse as it is, can it? Ruled by greed and racism. The dutch are always the best according to themselves. Everyone else is a potential slave. Good luck arresting Putin. Let me know when ok? Colombia of europe and all. No offence to colombia. Good coffee, beautiful people and nature. The opposite of the netherlands in a way but still the drug production and the parasitic behaviour. Have a good evening and never move to the netherlands unles you are into the drugs business or suicidal. Smart peple move away from this country to proper countries where it is livable. I hope the dams wont break soon dutchies (or do I?).


      1. I actually liked the pieces you write. and as far as I am concerned, pleas stay, even if you do not like everyting about the dutch.

    1. it is very foolish to surround yourself with people with the same morals and attitudes. don’t you think you are putting yourself in a box?

    2. Carla, vrijheid van meningsuiting bestaat. Je mag in Nederland zijn en een mening hebben. Als je in een land wil leven waar er geen vrijheid van meningsuiting is, verhuis dan gauw naar dat land alsjeblieft.

    3. That’s really am idiotic reply … doesn’t durprise me .. you probably read people reacting that way somewhere and are being a sheep.

      Dutch people have a tendency to have no personality …

    4. The Dutch people are some of the worst motherfuckers on the planet – how’s that for dutchfucker directness? They are fucking stupid. ugly, mean little bitch baby whiners. A very violent and soulless nation. Look at what they did to Indonesia and other countries in colonial times. They don’t like to acknowledge or apologize for what their country did. And the Dutch East India Company was them trying to dominate that trade. By the way…Zwarte Piet is just pure racism – nobody can argue that – not even the dumbass Dutch bitch boys.

  2. Love the way you say the Dutch don’t cook, while other Americans write they finely learn to cook everyday their own meal instead of getting fastfood or instant meals.
    But I am sorry to see you had a hard time to get any friends, think you really met the wrong people.
    Wish you well!

    1. Of course, I have a much different experience than most Americans. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where everything was cooked from scratch. I was making Jewish braided bread (challah) from scratch when I was just a child. Thankfully I have a great group of friends, all of them internationals. If you have any insight as to how to make friends with Dutch people, I’m all ears.

      1. You should make an effort to learn Dutch in order to socialize with more Dutch people if that’s your desire. Otherwise, every social interaction they have also has to account for being in English with you too and that’s difficult over a long enough period of time. Also, when corona blows over, go to expat events at cafes to practice Dutch where some of them have some internationally-minded Dutch locals. Some are running online programs that you could look into for now.

        I don’t speak Dutch very well yet either, but my Dutch friends all say they appreciate my effort to learn the language. I am a Master’s student, so it’s been a bit more organic for me to meet others at school. I understand even before corona it was hard to meet people and with corona, it seems impossible.

        However, we moved here to their country, so it’s not up to them to always accommodate us. We have to make the effort to accommodate ourselves.

        Your opinions will be those of you who you surround yourself with. It’s okay to only hang out with expats, but your end goal is to meet some Dutch friends, then you really should be trying to know the language and become more local.

      2. Hi soreh,Im Dutch and I totally agree with thepoints you make .maybe Im just different than most Dutch fooks since i lived abroad fo r10 years ,used to travel a lot and lived in |india england and Scotland ….i had to come back because of an accident unfortunately….and I can say that I hate it here i really dont like the attitude of most people… ,I cant get along with them.i do have a vieuw friends but there have been multiple problems trying to get along..they are so rude its impossible./the worse ive exoperienced so far is an ex boyfriend and a female best friend coming to visit together ,start talking with eachother….not giving me a chance to say anything while i cooked and did everything to create a good atmosphere…I left!!!!i left my own house!!!when I came back there was a note stating, we wanted to involve you in our discussion, dont overreact and dont keep thinking about it….signed with their names..names???????its insane, nothing like that ever happened to me india or evenuk and scotland altough there its a bit tough too sometimes..wowCant believe the Dutch…so arrogant and nasty….neighbours ….wow…nothing inthree years but alittleplanton mybirthday …i returned flowers too You wouldthinkafter thantheywould invite youo???no way////nothing nope.what hypocracy..try totalkwith them about anythingnotso brightand they are gone…doctors?omg, nothing I say toyouand I WAS DEADLY ILLAFTER THE ACCIDENT..NOTHINGTO HELP ME AT ALL..hadto do my own grocerieswheni couldnt even walk properly.

    2. Ha ha ha. I hate it here to but , they need someone to build new homes . As a Dutch guys wants Air conditioning, a suit and not to mess his hair up. A fight here is shouting at each other ! In England we punch … also the police are corrupt, I’m a white English male and even I think they are racist. My wife is Dutch I love her to bits , but god I hate it here. Shops are shit also but oh well I’m really annoying Dutch people by being super rude and impregnating a native Dutch woman so !!! It’s a win

  3. I’m from the UK and have been living in East Holland for 2 years now, and wow has it been such a culture change. I completely understand you mean no personal attack in this article, I can talk all day to my English family and friends over all the things I love about Holland, but I also love to discuss the cultural differences that sometimes make me go crazy and I will outright just never get use to. I enjoyed reading this, from someone in a similar boat…thankyou! Ps. I read an article not long ago about how Holland was rated the worse country for expats to make friends

  4. I love this. There’s a lot of negative on these comments but I see these points as a love letter to the Netherlands – maybe cos I’m English.
    I have lived here for almost 8 years with my Dutch wife and I would much rather live here than England but the points are still valid. Coming from London where you are good friends with your work colleagues and go drinking with them and know everything about them – this is just not the case here and it is something I really struggle with.
    I put the coldness down to just not taking any bullsh*t and just saying it as it is. Its a shock but you appreciate it better.

    For the working time is more prevalent at lunch and the end of the day – want a meeting at 12.01 – forget it! 5pm its like a stampede.

    1. “The coldness down to just not taking any bull***t and just saying it as it is” (?). I’m curious: so if a non Dutch person meets a person from the Netherlands who after either a short or longer time is regarded as displaying “coldness” even though the foreigner has shown warmth and is a good listener, that would be interpreted as the rejection of “bull***t” because it’s a Dutch person “just saying it as it is”?

  5. I am sorry that you have such a negative mindset. Honestly you won’t really enjoy living anywhere if you need to complain in such a petty way about things that do not matter that much. I am a foreigner like you (neither Dutch nor American), and I really believe you need to stop generalizing people and indulging yourself with your negative imagination. No one likes a complainer, foreigner or not!

    1. I do love the Netherlands. It doesn’t mean I’m blind to its flaws. I have posted many things I like about the Netherlands in this blog post and in others. Be sure to check out my other blog posts.

    2. Dude try and consider one of her criticisms for a moment. Why is it so difficult to get a Dutch person to accept one tiny small thing that might be wrong with their country?! Also criticism is how things improve too — things like “oh maybe we should vote rather than have an all-powerful Emperor” or “hey this slavery thing is pretty harsh hu?”

      Also Vincent, are you honestly not from the Netherlands (or perhaps Flanders), it’s a common name here? If you say you’re not I’ll accept it 🙂

      1. I think we Dutch people can learn from some criticism but to say that everyone in the Netherlands is narcissistic, arrogant and a racist, sexist xenophobe is not cool (not that you say that but there are a few people who say that),

  6. 5. Doctors Who Seem to Have Never Went to Medical School
    Please correct this.
    Doctor Who Seem to Have Never Been to Medical School’ or ‘to Have Never Gone’

  7. I’ve been living here for four years now, and I agree with everything you’ve mentioned. I also think you’ve actually been kind in the way you chalk things up to differences in priorities and values, as opposed to defects in personal character and culture. From the tone of the replies, it’s pretty clear that many of the Dutch are not worthy of the charity you’ve demonstrated. By the way, Florence and Carla, there’s a difference between having some negative opinions and hating a country. And given how the Dutch are always boasting about their open and tolerant society, maybe you should consider showing a little respect for peoples’ opinions, rather than telling them to leave because you don’t like what they have to say. If this were my post, I’d have to add people like you to the list of things I hate about living here.

  8. Holy shit.

    All I can say about this garbage. Where the hell do you get the audacity to write about a culture that you (quite obviously) barely understand?? Where did you do your research??? Can’t find good products in the supermarket? People are yelling at each other? People don’t kiss or hold hands in public..? SUGAR IN EVERYTHING??? This is just a bunch of random accusations thrown together for more then obvious click-bait purposes. To hell with this.

    1. I’ve lived in the NL for 7+ years and I must say there is a severe and egregious problem in regard to Dutch people (in general) dealing with any criticism about their country. The response is generally emotional, angry, or petulant. All criticisms are “explained away” , dismissed, or put down to foreigners being foreigners. Dutch people of mixed heritage are far less susceptible to this mentality but, yeah dude, I’m not agreeing with everything in the article but I have never been to a more insecure Western nation. It’s slowly changing but it’s a frustrating embarrassment living here sometimes.

    2. Wat een emotionele reactie. Dat is toch niet nodig. Wees ontspannen en laat daarmee zien dat wij Nederlanders een rationeel volk zijn waarmee kan worden gepraat in plaats van dat we tegen elkaar als hersenlozen lopen te krijsen. Er is veel om trots op te zijn in Nederland, maar er valt ook nog veel te verbeteren. Dat is gewoon zo.

    3. Such a classic Dutch response. Have the arrogance to tell someone their feeling about something is wrong. Maybe point #12 on the I dislike living in NL list. People trying to sabotage how we feel about their I’ll behavior.

  9. I love the way you say it, I don’t see why some people around found this insulting. Many of those have never being exposed to cultural adaptation/changes. I enjoyed it. It’s just acknowledging and pointing to the cultural differences and how it can become a struggle. I totally got your point. Take it from a Latina that LOVES the Netherlands and have found a home here after years of struggles.

  10. Wow Soreh, you have guts and lots of opinions. I am so glad that I have enjoyed many many years as an expat in different parts of the world without ever having to compare that life with my home country.

  11. Hahaha! That is nice)) #3, #4, #5 are totally match with my view. Paracetamol is a cure-all. Have you learn any other drugs at meed school?)))

  12. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure most of the negativity comes from dutch people. As a Latin living for over a year here I can second your article and 100% that all the expats I relate with would think the same.
    The one thing I think you are missing is micro-racism, in which almost every dutch falls out of ignorance .(let’s hope so). Exhibit A, the negative answers in this post.

  13. I am a Dutch woman, and i have to say that most of the things I’ve read in you blog, doesn’t remind me of the Netherlands.
    If i take a look in my circle of familie and friends, which is very big, no one is yelling. Every household is cooking with fresh products, everyone is always welcome to enjoy dinner aswell, they all love it when a foreigner try to learn Dutch. And they also don’t care about showing love in public. They love to meet up, but is has to come from both sides.
    I dont know what Dutch people you’ve met, but they are certainly not the typical Dutch people.
    Have a nice day 😉

  14. I agree with everything you’ve said. Especially that M-***kers are cold… in a bed) ha ha
    And, by the way, people from other countries bring variety in food to this country. Now you can find a huge selection of any food.

  15. I think it is a good article and you know what is the beauty of this article is that you are very DIRECT !! 🙂
    it is not an article which should be taken in wrong way and I can tell you that you are not the only one who experienced these things and perhaps if you find a way to connect with those people, You probably don’t give a damn about these things.

  16. hey Karina, ik ben het hartstikke met je eens ! ik ben ook nederlandse en woon nu in het buitenland, maar wij nederlanders zijn gewoon een speciaal volk, we zijn gewoon gewoon, direkt, zeggen wat we denken, wij zijn open, niet preuts en hebben temperament. ! idd, wij schreeuwen niet! ik hoor vd “buitenlanders” dat ze nederlanders goed volk vinden, ik hoor van iedereen positieve meningen. die amerikanen zijn anders als wij, en die denken dat ze hun land zelf hebben opgebouwd. groetjes uit Zwitserland

    1. Temperament? Haha. Alles behalve. Nederlanders en met name Amsterdammers hebben een spiegel nodig. De mensen hier zijn niet zo tolerant, open en vrij van geest als ze iedereen doen geloven.

      I fully support what was said in this article. NL is a beautiful country but I agree it has its flaws (like every nation). Thanks for sharing!

  17. I am Dutch and even though I did feel a little attacked when I first read the article, I now think of it as feedback and an article that was not meant to be triggering. I do think that some of the things you listed are purely subjective and reflect some of the people you have met rather than the whole Dutch population. For example, my family loves to cook and uses a lot of spices and fresh products and so do my neighbors and some of my friends. And also, I hug all my family members, (old) friends and other people I (sort of) know every time I see them (of course not atm, because of corona).

    The thing that does still bother me is the generalization and exaggeration in some parts. For example, of course there are people in the Netherlands that are cold towards others, but definitely not every one. Of course people sometimes eat bitterballen, but right now you make it sound like everyone eats bitterballen all the time and nothing else.

    I’m sure you meant no disrespect or hate towards the Dutch population and that this article was just meant to be read for fun. I still think it’s funny to see how other people experience the ‘Dutch way of living’ and Dutch people in general. I also did recognize myself in some of the other things you listed, like the sandwich obsession, the speaking english to people who are trying to learn dutch and the punctuality.

    And let’s be honest, I think almost everyone would feel a little attacked if they saw a post that listed things other countries/people hate about your culture/country.

    1. I am Dutch and even though I did feel a little attacked when I first read the article, I now think of it as feedback and an article that was not meant to be triggering.

  18. I’m Dutch but I lived abroad for 15 years in countries with an actual food culture, and I can fully relate to what you have written.

    Even for me as Dutch person it is extremely difficult to make new friends, having lost touch with most of my childhood friend. The food and lack of variety, indeed. In larger supermarkets there is more choice, but in cities the problem is of course that everything is Albert Heijn, and they have killed of most local competition.

    And since the Dutch don’t really value good food, they are not asking for more variety and better quality either. We are the largest exporter of food in the world, but we have also succeeded in producing it in a very efficient way, resulting in cheap, but low quality produce. From watery tomatoes to watery strawberries, the quality of everything in the Dutch shops is mediocre. The Dutch accepts is as they know nothing else and are not asking for better.

    On the other hand, how is the average American family eating? Lots and lots of processed sugary food filled with chemicals and additives that are banned here because of good reasons. You seem to compare the entire NL to the Wholefoods shopping segment of the US rather than the more regular Americans, who eat way more unhealthy processed,sugarry and pre-packaged food than we do.

    Regarding doctors/GPs. I get it, but somehow the system works. 9/10 of the people visiting a GP don’t have anything serious, the GP acts a gatekeeper keeping specialist available and affordable, and indeed there is the belief that painkillers are a last resort and a danger, rather than something to make profit off. That also means that if you do feel you need to see a specialist you need to be more Dutch and direct in your approach toward the doctor and demand it.

  19. I’m not even originally Dutch (though now I am)and lived in the Netherlands for 40 years. I have to say, Americans are not exactly liked in many countries due to their ignorance of others cultures and constant petty complaints. When m***fucking Americans travel they always want to bitch about others cultures. So what exactly is American cuisine? McDonalds? You guys hv no position to talk about others cuisine when you have the highest obesity rate in the world! Also, no PDA/holding hands? Which remote island do you live at? What’s for sure is The Dutch don’t annoyingly run up to strangers and try to hug or kiss them. That’s an American thing which most Europeans don’t like. Also, you’re complaining about some really petty crap. Like why would you care if Dutch go to work early, eat sandwiches or like hagelslag? How’s that even affecting or enriching your life? A few of your comments are true like punctuality but most of it is just stereotype garbage

  20. I am an Expat myself living in the Netherlands for almost years. Despite understanding parts of it, I found myself wondering if I am living in another country than you or maybe if I don’t live long enough in the Netherlands to find myself in your words.

    In the beginning I also found dutch people to be cold until I realized they are just being direct. Something that most definitely didn’t suit me in the beginning, but a trait that I learned to value. My boyfriends family and acquaintances (all Dutch) are very kind, lovely and also beside them, I always encountered Dutch people to be very open.

    Food-wise: I need to pay more attention as in the assortments of supermarket. Despite the much higher price levels, I find food very fresh and I cook with my friends all the time as well as if I visit friends’ families, there is always a fresh dish being served. Although, I often find food not spicy enough 😀

    Job-wise: I work full-time for a Multinational in Amsterdam and they insist that I don’t start before 9 and finish 5:30 the latest. I find that much easier than in my home country and very relaxed in terms of not working over time. Lunch time really is something holy and if you stay longer than 5, colleagues and even my manager always asked me what I am
    Still doing in the office.

    The micro-racism I did encounter though, which is very unfortunate but also not common!

    Overall, I believe that the Dutch people value if you try to adapt to their culture. They show huge appreciation if you speak or learn Dutch and just try to fit in. They are scared of losing their heritage and language, which I “kind of” understand or at least have sympathy with.

    So, I trielt hope you continue your love relationship with this beautiful country and that maybe, you find yourself mistaken with some of these points:)

  21. Dear Soreh,
    I am an expat living in NL for 10 years and I have to agree that getting used to the country was tough.
    But I feel that you have a lot of negative feelings about the country and your are generalizing your experiences to all Dutch people. I read in your bio that your bf is Dutch, how does he feel about it? Doesn’t this article hurt his feelings?
    I think you didn’t understand the Dutch culture yet. My view on the Dutch punctuality is that they respect each other’s time and this is very positive.
    Dutch typical culinary is not that rich, but that’s what Dutch brought elements from other countries, they cook very diverse at home and very healthy. Kids eat bell pepper and cucumber, raisins and oranges as snacks. Much healthier than American or Brazilian (my own country).
    To become friends with Dutch is hard because they already have their childhood circle of friends, but to get to know them try joint group sports or meetups.
    With regards to the yelling, I never saw a Dutch adult yelling (teenagers all the time, but I don’t count it). I am Brazilian and I had experience of being too loud with friends in restaurants and the Dutch people were completely annoyed by that, as this is not common to them.
    I hope you are able to process those feelings and start seeing those differences as cultural. You cannot expect to go to another country and find the exact same behavior from what your used back home. Give them a chance and allow yourself to emerge in the Dutch lifestyle. Good luck!

  22. I have to say I don’t agree! I have met so many nice Dutch people while staying here.

    We also have to keep in mind that as adults it is harder to meet friends in general. I volunteer with Dutch and other expats, and have had a really great experience. Because of covid we’ve only gotten together a few times, but I have met some really sweet Dutch people. Maybe try volunteering?

    I’m also not a huge fan of the supermarkets (mostly because I don’t like all the plastic on the veggies) so I mostly shop at markets or we have a Moroccan shop here that has different ingredients and veggies/fruit.

    Lol don’t shop where you don’t like to shop. Don’t hang out with people you get bad vibes from (like in America) and see different doctors. Try getting a different perspective.

  23. Hi there Soreh! I’m an expat recently arrived in the Netherlands and I must say that while I found your post interesting to read, it didn’t click with my experience of the Netherlands so far.
    We’ve been here two months and met some super friendly Dutch people (our neighbors) and felt integrated from the get go. Granted, we were introduced by our landlords who use to live here, and it definitely helped, but I think it’s also about the attitude – as a foreigner, I feel it’s on me to make the most of the effort. In the everyday interactions, I do agree that the tone is rough and it takes some getting used to. But they’re not yelling at each other constantly from what I’ve seen!
    Regarding the food, in Europe it’s normal to buy your produce or other delicacies at the market or in small businesses!! That’s where the best products are. There’s a lot of really, really good products here if you take the time to dig around. And I’m French, so trust me when I say I’m rather picky when it comes to food.
    That being said, I find some reactions here quite extreme – it’s very clear that you don’t hate it here, and you can love a country and still find some flaws to it. France is being trashed all the time around the internet and thank goodness I don’t take it personally… actually it’s sometimes very funny and accurate!!

  24. Hi Soreh, it’s a triggering headline for sure. I am guessing a lot of people don’t read some of the finer details in your post before they get offended or all freaked out. While I can totally relate to some of the things you say – what’s with all the bread and why do you speak to me in English when you say I need to practice my Dutch – I have to wonder where you live. Admittedly, I have been living in the Netherlands for 12 years now (AND LOVE IT), so I have had the time to develop friendships with locals (and non-natives too), so maybe I can’t compare myself to you. I suspect living in a larger city (or a small village), it might be harder to make the connections. Also, I made a lot of friends when my kids were in preschool and primary school here – many of these friendships continue now that my kids are in high school, so it can be an important outlet, especially if you’re arranging play dates etc. I also live in a small town in a neighbourhood with a tight community (and a lot of kids that were in and out of everyone’s houses all the time…there’s that kid connection again 🙂 ). Cultural adjustment is not always easy and I’ve had my fair share of ‘what’s with the Dutch doing x, y and z’ venting sessions with non-natives, (everyone needs a bitching buddy no matter where you live or where you come from, right?) but eventually I move on. The Dutch medical system requires some getting used to, but you’re also your own advocate and that’s important to remember. I think everyone has or knows someone who’s had a medical horror story experience, even living in other developed countries; even you pointed out that America is the one with the opioid crisis. It’s frustrating to deal with the gatekeepers when you’re trying to make an appointment to see your local doctor, but once you know how to navigate that, Bob’s your uncle. As for cooking, I consider myself a foodie, and some of the best home-cooked meals I have ever had have been in the Netherlands. My neighbour makes some of the best desserts I have ever tasted (and I have tried a lot in many years of travelling and living in different places) and he’s an excellent cook (vegetarian, and his repertoire is amazing), and the mouthwatering aromas that come out of people’s houses ahead of dinner time when walking through our neighbourhood are second to none. It does sound like you mostly loving it here. After all, you have a Dutch partner, so you certainly like some things about the Dutch. Living in a place where things happen that seem inexplicable or unrelatable can be frustrating, but it’s possible to find your way here. Some stuff about life here still drive me crazy, but I now I have peeps that I lean on when I’m going through a rough patch. Mostly I embrace that wise Dutch sentiment ‘Het komt goed.’

  25. I think people who haven’t lived in another country before just don’t understand that you can love a place but also just have things you really really dislike 😂 the coldness thing I really understand and had to adjust to! I’m South African and we’re a very ‘warm’ people.

  26. The dutch don’t like the arrogant and exaggerating americans, so that is why you have had all those experiences. Ofcourse all you have written is very far from reality and totally bull….

  27. As an expat living in the Netherlands for 4 years now, I can relate with most of the points and other expats I know, I am sure will relate too. Coming from Latin America, the hardest things for me have been making friends and the food. I found dutch people very gentle and helpful, but when it comes to having a real friendship is reaaaally hard.
    Regarding the food, I also don’t like having a sandwich every day. Sometimes I just want a warm lunch and in some places is really difficult to find. I think that’s why I started cooking more.
    What I totally agree with you is the terrible medical care here. At least the general practitioners are really bad. There is no preventive care and if you don’t get mad or show tests from your country they don’t send you to a specialist. My experience with the huisarts hasn’t been the best. I have had several urinary infections and they NEVER did an urine culture to know the reason. Also, once my right eye was really red and when I went to the huisarts, he started searching the symptoms lin a medical google, to know what I got. And didn’t even get it right. I know it because a week later I went to my country and did all exams there and the diagnosis was something else.
    I don’t know why many people got hurt with your post. The Netherlands is a great country to live, but off course not everything is perfect.

  28. I lived in the Netherlands for 4 years. Amazing country and a place that at times felt more like home than my home country. But lets be honest, all these points are true. I mean, I don’t get why everyone in the comments is so offended and tells her to leave (that’s ridiculous). Every country has pros and cons. Pointing out the cons doesn’t make her a bad person, this is just how many expats experience the country.

  29. Haha..Indeed a funny post. Yelling people in the Netherlands? Make Aaliyah and come live here in Israel and you will understand what yelling is… Same counts for: making friends and way , way longer workdays. Not to speak about the doctors that will let you diagnose yourself unless paying 250eu for a private consult. Enjoy living in nice and quiet NL and stop complaining like an Ashkenazi jew.

  30. This made me laugh out loud. I am Dutch and do recognize some bits. However, I beg to differ remarks regarding groceries and blandness of food. We have more diverse kitchen than you could imagine. The Indo cuisine (European-indonesian) is ingrained in the dutch culture. There are a more spice readily available here in comparison to the US. In regard to the Dutch being difficult to befriend, yes and no, we are reserved and tend to have a mindset of being really really yourself. I find that most foreigners think that we are cold, however it has mostly to do with trying to hard!

  31. I think your article is written with little respect for the Dutch. I find this very unfortunate. Your article comes across as arrogant. Maybe you want to learn more about why the Dutch live soberly? Wanting to have and be able to get the American way of life more and more and everything is precisely what the Dutch don’t like. Be happy with what you’ve got. The fact that you cannot get everything in the supermarket, but that there is also room for small businesses, fresh markets and specialty shops, that is very nice and makes life here so pleasant with lively city centers. We don’t need big supermarkets outside of the city center that have all the power here. Fortunately, we have livable inner cities.

    1. “I think your article is written with little respect for the Dutch. ” Onzin, het is toch lekker direct? Daar houden wij Nederlanders toch zo van? Of maakt het jou teveel uit WIE er direct is: mag een blonde lange man zich bijvoorbeeld wel generaliserend uitlaten van jou, omdat je dat zo eerlijk en direct vindt, maar vind je dat een een donkerdere vrouw als Soreh zich niet generaliserend mag uitlaten vanwege haar uiterlijk en geslacht? Oppervlakkig!
      ” I find this very unfortunate. Your article comes across as arrogant. ” Jij komt juist arrogant en oneerlijk over, want jij denkt dat je boven de schrijfster staat en haar even te kunnen vertellen wat zij wel en niet mag schrijven.
      “Maybe you want to learn more about why the Dutch live soberly? ” Waarom dan? Doe toch niet zo vaag man.

  32. This is so funny. I am a Dutch women living in the US for 40 years and some dislikes you have about the Netherlands are the same I have about the US. You mention the obsession with bread/sandwiches. At lunch time in the US, even in the best restaurants ,the majority of offerings are sandwiches. They might be hot at times but still a sandwich. The obsession of Americans with hamburgers is quite a puzzle to me. Going to a great restaurants with a great menu and my friends ordering the hamburger.
    The thick pancakes or French toast for breakfast with syrup and bacon and no food value,..
    Dutch people being “cold” in opposite to Americans hugging everyone and ending their conversations with “love you, bye” still seems like a false sentiment to me.
    The Dutch speaking English to you is the consequence of the computer age. Even Dutch people email , text and post in social media in English to each other. Many higher education schools only lecture in English to attract foreign students etc .
    Early starting the work day is far more normal in the US often 7am and it’s normal for businesses to call you by that time.
    So every country has his weird rules and habits and you pick what you want to participate in or not . I was an international flight attendant for 39 yrs and the fun of it was the exposure to very many different culture and habits. It makes for an interesting life experience ,something to treasure and rejoice in. Viva la differance.

  33. Hi Soreh,

    So wonderful to find your blog and this post was the first I read as the title triggered me. I’m a Dutchie. I’m not offended by your posts. This is your experience after all. I do hope you get to see more sides and that, later on, you’ll discover that some of your posts were beginner experiences. Some of your experiences are surprising to me, like the one about finding it hard to befriend Dutch people, or the experience with doctors, and the yelling.

    Though I don’t have the same perspective I like reading about your experience as it is a way to learn about my Dutch culture, it’s like a mirror. By hearing it from outsiders one learns more about things that we as Dutchies don’t see, aren’t aware of, or don’t even notice anymore.

    I think it depends on where you started your Dutch journey, big city, small town, in the west, eastern part of the country. Living in Amsterdam is certainly different from living in a small town in Drenthe, for example.
    Did you have longterm experiences living abroad before you came to our country? I lived in the UK for a year (studying) and visited the US multiple times (to visit friends and my son went to university there).
    My experience from being in those countries, is that each country has its positive and negative sides, as well as people. I think your experience with our country and people will grow to be more allround the longer you are here.
    I’m appalled at some of the issues in the US (racism, poor medical system, no proper social security) but I know it’s part of the American history, and they way they want to shape their country. Yet, I still love that country and its people. Just like you do with my country and my people. Being able to live abroad enriches your life, fills you with new experiences, can make you a better person as you see things from other perspectives.
    Make positive use of your current situation. Continue to learn from it, and, by writing about it, continue to show us a mirror.
    Btw, sent you an email too…

  34. Hi Soreh,

    I had just finished a long comment to your post and posted it….but it doesn’t show up. so here’e my second try.

    This post was the first I read after discovering your blog. I choose this post as the title triggered me, and I was curious about your experience.

    I’m a dutchie and I’m not offended by your post. This is your experience so far and you’re free to write about it. Each country has it good and bad things, why would the Netherlands be any different. I was surprised by some things you mentioned though, like your experience with the medical system, your experience with befriending Dutch people, and the yelling…lol. Those were really new to me. I was dissapointed that you found it hard to befriend Dutch people.

    As these are your experiences so far I hope that, the longer you are here, your knowledge and experience of the Dutch culture,people and habits will become more allround. It may depend on the place you started your Dutch journey. Living and experiencing dutch life in a big city can be very different from living in a small town in Friesland, Limburg or Zeeland.

    As I’ve experienced from living in the UK for a year and visiting the US multiple times, that each country has its pros and cons, its good people and its bad people.
    In general I think living abroad broadens your horizon, even through the bad experiences, it enriches your life, makes you think more outside the box, makes you a better person.

    Embrace your experiences as you probably are, and continue to write about the weird, funny things you are experiencing on your journey, as that is like holding a mirror to our Dutch face. We can learn from your experience, as you can learn from our ways and habits.
    Btw, sent you an email.

  35. I find this an interesting perspective, being a Dutch GP. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I know the way we practice medicine is very different from that in the USA. These are largely cultural differences and also we are less driven by two factors that are very important in the USA: fear of litigation and monetary gain.

  36. I agree to most of these except that I find Dutch people nice and warm. Well, at least my Dutch boyfriend’s family and friends are nice to me. Maybe it is different when it comes to total strangers?

  37. This is hilarious… because it’s SO TRUE. The Dutch are basically PASSIONLESS, cold and unsympathetic. The first comment says it all: “Florence Materman – “If you hate the Netherlands that much. LEAVE!. I’m sure we can survive without you.” Yes, they sure can.
    I have lived here for 20 years (also an American, now ‘uitgeburgerd’ ha ha)… and I HATE it.
    You forgot to mention the legalized age discrimination, the violence (I have been assaulted here several times, including being punched in the ear — from behind — BY A POLICE OFFICER.) Someone once tried to run down my wife with their car….
    Oh… let’s not forget the slavery system (they call it ‘uitzendkracht’). What a SCAM they have going there. Wow.
    And oh! The whining if they don’t get to go on vacation 3 times year… it’s a cold rainy country full of cold people.
    I think the doctors went to medical school… they just don’t teach bedside manner here.
    An Oh the hypocrisy! This is NOT some kind of kind, socialist paradise… it’s a tax haven for the rich.
    This comment here from Bart van Herk “… we are less driven by two factors that are very important in the USA: fear of litigation and monetary gain.” WHAT A JOKE!
    MONETARY GAIN is ALL THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT. ha ha ha. Tata Steel doesn’t pay any taxes… Starbucks doesn’t pay any taxes… but watch them come running to the government for COVID relief money….
    And boy oh boy do the Dutch like to CHEAT you if they can……
    Lovely country. Just lovely.

    1. Know hate but why were you punched by a police officer. Since the last few years the Netherlands is going downhill but it’s still not the worst country (no wars no dictators and yes there is discrimination but I’m sure it’s not legal). And I don’t think all the problems are in the in the Netherlands itself. But I don’t know where you were. Do you live in Urk, Staphorst or Rotterdam because those are some strange cities. Every country has some bad people. If you are nice to some people I am sure (the most) are also nice to you.

  38. Dear poster and readers, I hope you are all doing well. I rarely comment on the internet but this time I need to say that who ever wrote this is utterly, painfully correct. I have been living in NL for a long time and have to say that one of the worse things are Dutch hospitals and doctors. In the beginning I did not understand why it is so bad and now I know, the medical education system sucks. It’s mostly based on a problem based learning system which leaves students to know simply nothing. Yes, you read it correctly. Nothing. And one more time nothing, to the point that Italian, German, American doctors are hired. Yes, check the facts. If any Dutch person is reading this, do not feel offended.it’s true. In my personal point of view, other things are also correct, like not friendly people but sometimes you actually meet good souls. But they are few. Still they exist. I have made few financial investments in NL and decided to leave the country. I can benefit from where I am from a constant cash flow and just be glad. NL is a not a bad country, but mainly due to its history, its the way it is. I can relate to expats suffering in there for real reasons, not just the weather or bad food. I could cook meals by myself or prapare a good coffee. These are no big issues. Big issues are the way emergency patients are treated and (for me) it was an eye opener. People are people every where but if you could potentially loose your life cause your gp is crap, all the money in the world won’t give you a kidney or a heart. If you feel offended, check the facts. It’s a tragedy. This is not to say that in other countries gp are fantastic, but simply the rate of error in NL is crazy high. I have many friends with PhDs who teach in Universities, all foreigners, you want to know the reason? Dutch educational system also sucks in different ways. I am lucky enough to be able to leave. Dutch wanted me to stay, even raising my salary without me asking…but I simply refused. It’s painful to watch daily ignorance, I explained it and sadly it was understood. Some Dutch higher up, said to me that it would take at least 100.000 of me changing the system. So, super educated foreigners, you can do it! I simply gave up. All the best to anyone reading this. No offence intended especially for some (proud) Dutch person.

  39. the fact that there r so many dislikes show that how some of the dutchies cannot accept the fact that your country sucks in some aspects…but you failed to accept that.. after all there is a herd mentality in here (just be average or act normal things.. wtf even this means!!!)
    Having lived and worked in 5 diff countries, I could say NL was a failure in many points,
    happy to find a job in London and leave this crappy land…. no scenery no variety no sense of purpose and community. shitty rain all year round, and YEs its Swamp land …only crappy weather and outright directness (rudeness) by some people, simply its all show off in media..
    >>>> for all the young and adventurous ones don’t come here.. if u are expat like me (and experienced and talented individual).. choose Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Swiss..or Spain if you can.. coming to Belgium or Netherlands would not worth it at all…. not saying other ones have not issued but simply NL do not offer many opportunities for the ones who want to make a change and contribute to sth meaningful >
    go to the country where there so many resources available and you can thrive and prosper…. Im not against NL, but there is an opportunity cost for your decisions just don’t ruin your chances of living in a better environment…
    NL is so small yet has the highest population density. which means you have to compete for even basic amenities (finding a home, worthwhile job, respectable salary,..etc…) cannot forget took 3 weeks to find a suitable place to stay either in Rotterdam and even worse in Amsterdam…. and don’t even want to talk about the weather 🤐🤐…dark grey.. wet..rain…and gloomy people!!!!

    1. Know hate but why were you punched by a police officer. Since the last few years the Netherlands is going downhill but it’s still not the worst country (no wars no dictators and yes there is discrimination but I’m sure it’s not legal). And I don’t think all the problems are in the in the Netherlands itself. But I don’t know where you were. Do you live in Urk, Staphorst or Rotterdam because those are some strange cities. Every country has some bad people. If you are nice to some people I am sure (the most) are also nice to you.

  40. It’s a truly disgusting country with equally disgusting people. They are selfish, rude, narrow-minded and judgemental back-stabbing liars.

    1. Very nice reaction. Did you even visit the Netherlands. I don’t know but in mine opinion that’s not how Dutch people are. You probably met just 1 or 2 assholes and now you have horrible prejudices about 17 million people. “It’s a truly disgusting country with equally disgusting people. They are selfish, rude, narrow-minded and judgemental back-stabbing liars”. Maybe they are mean to you because you are also a complete bitch? Most Dutch people aren’t how you describe them. Just sayin…

  41. This is hilarious I LOL! YOu speak from the heart. I love that. Please add me to your email newsletter list because i tried but there was a glitch.

  42. MY grandfather was exactly like this and my theory is, that he was a sociopath and i met more Dutch tourists in my travels to 70 countries exactly like him. I never met a more miserable hateful person than he was. I admired the tulips outside of his apartment in New York when i was FIVE And i said “they are so pretty Poppy!” and he said to A CHILD-“I only plant them so the dirty dogs don’t piss outside!” Jesus these people are psycho! Thank God I Am 88 percent Irish and he was only HALF Dutch but he got the personality 100 percent. HIs Irish mother was a wonderful lady so sweet. BUt that is how all of them I encounter are. Mean- spirited unhappy people. just like a lot of their German neighbors. THeir lack of emotion is terrifying I find they look like serial killers. I Am so joyful I do not understand evil people. Apparently the USA And the Netherlands are hotbeds for studies on Psychopaths. Google it. MY grandfather;s sole purpose was to spite people. AND I was in Amsterdam and i found a lot of the DUtch to be that way. WHAT Is THEIR PROBLEM?!!! I am so glad i did not inherit that miserable nature.

  43. Doctors who never went to medical school? This is pure slander and speaks volumes of the type of person you are. But foreigners/EXPATS; we are done with your whining and self centered bias.
    You are also cowards for speaking behind Dutch people’s back, go blame your anxiety..

    1. I am Dutch and you don’t speak for me. I can handle criticism and some of her criticisms are completely valid. I find foreigners and expats often pleasant, polite and productive people, moreso than some of my fellow countrymen.
      You could, you know BE OPENMINDED ABOUT CRITICISM, so that our country becomes a nicer place. You don’t have to agree with anything, maar er heerst hier wel vrijheid van meningsuiting. Mensen mogen verschillende meningen hebben in Nederland. Misschien moet je niet gelijk boos worden en het gesprek eens op kalme wijze aangaan (niet zo aangebrand als jij nu hebt gereageerd, want dan neemt niemand je serieus / luistert niemand naar je).

  44. Hi Soreh,

    I want to thank you for the article. While I don’t agree with all the points you’ve listed, I don’t understand why this article is receiving so much criticism. I mean, everyone is entitled to have a personal opinion which, by the way, the Dutch themselves love to express, share and say they love honest feedback. Looking at these reactions I’d say the opposite….

    I spent 8 years in The Netherlands before I decided to leave this country. I did my master studies in The Netherlands in engineering and decided to stay since I got a very good job offer, later I changed 2 more jobs spending approx 2 years at each of them. Having lots of international experience, I can say the Dutch confuse me all the time.

    I’d start with your points I only partially agree or disagree:
    – healthcare isn’t bad. I had a wonderful GP who always referred me to right specialists when needed. Also, few times I needed emergency care which was fantastic. The doctor who took care of me and performed some tests even gave me her personal phone number in case I needed emergency again. Those were my very first days in The Netherlands and I didn’t even have a GP then, she was also very kind to me and explained the system. On a worse side, during my hospital emergency visit a blood test had to be taken. My veins are very visible and incredibly easy to ‘find’, yet the nurse had to try 3 times to finally do the test. This was really surprising to me!
    – food isn’t unhealthy. I know many Dutch people who love cooking, most of them being men. Generally speaking, I found the Dutch quite interested in what they it and how healthy their meals are. At home they mostly cook meat with some vegetables and potatoes as side dishes. Nothing unhealthy about that! But yes, they do love sugar, yet the people I knew were quite mindful about amounts of sugar they used to eat.
    – Dutch people do kiss. Dutch people kiss their family members or close friends every time they meet, both in a private setting or in public. It’s a Dutch custom. Hugs are popular among men since they don’t kiss each other when they meet. Unlike Italians, they won’t kiss their coworkers or people they don’t know very well. I personally was very fine with that, in Poland we don’t kiss at all and we hug our close friends, but not random people.
    – Dutch people can make loyal and warm friends when you get to know them better. It just takes more time but once they do, they’ll be super loyal to you, invite you to their family events and want to talk to you every day.

    Now the confusing part…THE PEOPLE. Oh girl, I don’t know where to start because this is the most confusing part. I can’t say I hate these things about the Dutch, but God I do find them confusing.
    – Bad manners. Forgive my comment, but the Dutch have way poorer manners than people from most of the countries I know. Maybe that’s due to the infamous Dutch practicality and total ignorance of niceties, but some things I’ve heard made me shake my head. For instance, it’s totally normal to discuss what kind of business you’re going to do in the toilet 🙈, burp or worse. Once a recruiter of a well-known Dutch company I was on the phone with was late. He explained to me that he’s a few minutes late to have this interview with me because he was in a toilet taking a dump. Whaaaat? I understand there’s no secret why we go to a toilet, but is this really a piece of important information for a job interview? It’s also a totally normal thing to say at dinner when you’re excusing yourself. Do you really need to be THAT descriptive? 😂 Ah, I also encountered a situation when two colleagues of mine were discussing a morning erection. Again, seriously? At work? During lunch? Why would you tell something like this to your colleagues in a business setting?
    – Weird communication with the opposite sex. I’m a friendly person who works in a men dominated field so I naturally bond with some of them. I became friends with one of my Dutch colleagues. At the beginning it was fun, we shared our life experiences, joys and struggles… Like in any normal friendship. Later he made his intentions clear and told me he liked me as a girl. I kindly rejected him and said that I was not interested in having any romantic relationship and I only saw him as a friend. He said he’s okay with that so we remained friends. His communication changed, he started bombarding me with messages, too much attention, calls, flowers, etc. Those times when I was busy and couldn’t reply or pick up and saw other friends or simply wanted my alone time, he used to become jealous as a child and accused me of not being interested in our friendship and not investing enough time. Seriously, our communication was getting weirder by day until I decided to cut him off. After I cut him off, he started sending me messages about me being not grateful enough for his support. I mean, we were only friends on equal grounds. As if I had to pay him back for something I didn’t know. Oh yes, by the way, he mentioned that he spent some money on buying flowers and a Christmas gift to me. I was deeply shocked by this kind of behaviour….
    – Living by the book. While in other countries I notice wider variety in people’s behaviour, the Dutch strike me as very homogenous. Everyone behaves pretty much the same. Most people eat dinner at 6-7 PM. Most people like eating the same type of food. All kids go to bed around 8. Most of the people appreciate living very well calculated, very predictable and almost risk-free lives. Hence the “doe normaal” saying… Try to be different and see that the approach of the Dutch towards you will change almost instantly.
    – Jealousy. Let me continue with my previous point. At my last Dutch workplace, I was getting great feedback, highest marks for my performance, etc. I decided to ask my manager whether I could go to Poland and work remote from there from time to time (a week now and then, not too often) since one of my close family members was sick. Important note is that this was before COVID. He was okay with the idea at the beginning and I did it once. So I’d been working from Poland for one week. My performance didn’t deteriorate, I shipped all my deliverables in a timely manner as always (actually, even before deadlines) and communicated with the rest of my team well. When I returned, the manager set a 1:1 conversation with me and told me I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore in the future. But why, I asked very surprised. One anonymous colleague complained to the manager and expressed his disagreement. Not that he was disatsisfied with my performance of something, no. He didn’t want me to do it because nobody else does it. Doe normaal. You have to be the same as everyone else and do the same thing as anyone else. I’m a manager of a high performing team myself in a different country. Always allow my teammates to work from different places from time to time as long as they perform. I don’t need them all to be the same, I want them to be motivated to perform…
    – “Why are you different from us?” I’m still on the same point here, too many experiences… There was this introvert Dutch colleague who didn’t like small talk and socialising with other colleagues. His way to avoid unnecessary talks was pretty simple, having lunch at company’s restaurant before or after the majority does it. Rumours started spreading that he’s an autist rather quickly, even the manager had a special meeting with him asking why he prefers having his lunch alone. Again, that guy was a high performer, nice person in general and good communicator when it comes to work related issues, who simply didn’t want company during his lunch. Why judge? It was his choice to have a calm lunch and read a book during a break. Why should one start spreading rumours that he’s Autistic? What happened to the famous Dutch tolerance?
    – One sided directness. Here is my very last point. The comments below this article is probably the best illustration. Dutch people pride their directness (a good quality, indeed) while they are often incapable to accept even polite criticism back from others. I know plenty of wonderful Dutch people too who are very open to other cultures and their people, warm and loyal. Kudos to those Dutch people, they’re the best! But please don’t get insulted when you read such articles or comments like mine. Ideal places don’t exist (don’t get me started of my homeland Poland, haha) and our experiences can vary. It’s just feedback that you’re supposed to love 🙂

    The Netherlands is a very orderly, regular and linear place to my point of view. It’s well functioning society, people live their lives as if they have to be built using one size algorithm for all from the book. So those are the reasons why I left the Netherlands for Poland.
    Career wise, I’m in IT and Warsaw is also a hotspot, in terms of money and purchasing power probably even better than Amsterdam. Anyway, I love variety. Here some people eat dinner at 5 pm. and some at 11 pm. Some kids fall asleep at 7:30 pm and some at 10:30 pm. My colleague doesn’t tell me I can’t go to Florence for one week to work remotely because of this doe normaal mentality. I can have small talk with my colleagues when I want to or I can sit alone all the time during lunch, I won’t be getting a meeting invitation from my manager to discuss why I do one or another. To me, the perfect country is the one isn’t completely perfect and Poland satisfies this criteria. I want a little bit of everything. Let’s put some salt and pepper on a country. The Netherlands functions amazingly well. Too well so that many people don’t have this passion in their eyes anymore and, like in many very well societies, people adopt this risk-free living mentality. It’s safe and great, yet too tasteless to me. I don’t want to live in a homogeneous perfectly made country. Poland offers me all types of weathers, landscapes, people, food, bizarre events and things, extremely beautiful peaceful places or extremely beautiful crazy places. However, I call The Netherlands my second home and I will always love that place and some of its wonderful people I’ve met, very beautiful places, amazing uni experience. I miss you too, The Netherlands.
    Best of luck building your life in The Netherlands, Soreh.

    1. Sofia, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this comment. Everyone has their own opinions, and that’s that. Why it is hard for me to understand as well, I have to respect that we are all different. I hope all is well with you.

    2. Well we all know the stories about polish people over here..and soreh you are a hypocrite, “everyone has their own opinion”. It’s not an opinion if you lie just for views and attention, it’s called clickbait, it’s unethical and immoral so if you want to improve something start with yourself.

      1. Have you tried considering criticism of the Netherlands without getting emotional or rallying counter-arguments before the initial argument has been read/heard/made? Try it dude it really might help with the next decade or so because, one way or another globalisation ins coming and it’s going to sting like hell unless you can take criticism of your own culture.

  45. Sofia — loved your story. It’s nuanced, it is on point and it addresses all the things I keep running into in Amsterdam. I used to think it was me you know.

  46. Having worked in Holland for more than 30 years now (commuting abroad) I have seen the country and how different it is in comparason. I have many wounderful Dutch friends but The Netherlands is a hostile place for non Dutch. As long as you blend in and dont make any fuss they let you be but the moment you are 10% as oppinionated againsts their country as they are torwards others you will find yourself in a shitstorm attacked by a wolfpack. They are probably the most dishonest and narcissistic people you will ever come across. Their egos are huge and they have 0 selfcritisism as a collective. They actually carry such enormous egos that I would never have them in any function where they have responsabilities that could impact human life negatively. Touch their egos and they will torch everything around them in total facesaving BS. They where responsable for the worst airline accident ever (Tenereiffa 1977) and it was 100% ego causing the accident. I for one will stay miles away from them and their disturbed country forever!

    1. If I see you’re name aren’t you just Dutch? I see there is racism in the Netherlands but name one country were there is absolutely no racism? Saying every Dutch person is arrogant and selfish isn’t exactly true. And I don’t want to be mean but I just don’t understand why you want to live in a country for 30 years if you hate it so much. No hate but I respect criticism, but if you are just hating, I just don’t understand.

  47. I just had to comment after reading a lot of horrible replies.

    I’m Dutch, and in these 32 years I have never felt at home. You hit the nail on the head with pretty much everything you said.

    But Dutch people wouldn’t be Dutch people if they couldn’t handle a bit of critique, even tho they are really blunt and kind of an asshole themselves.

    Also, you’re right about the food here. It’s bland, tasteless and takes 0 creativity.

    There’s a lot more I’d like to say, because unlike you I actually do hate this country and these people.

    Anyway, I’d just like to compliment you on your honesty. And don’t care about the negative responses, the Dutch are really really petty.

  48. Hello sir thank you for this article

    As a Canadian foreigner who lives there in the Eastern part of the country near Apeldoorn
    I do agree with u on the cold mentality I find them plain rude
    It’s also very hard to connect with them while they seem very closed
    Overall I don’t know what to think it’s just always like this…
    I also agree with u at the notice that they just yell at each other
    No matter where I am at a restaurant a lunchroom anything else
    It looks a bit like they don’t speak for themselves it’s so annoying

    1. It is written by a woman, plus you generalize 18 million people, have you met them all? What are the 6 major ethnic groups in this country ? Yea look at your own flaws first before accusing and blaming anyone else.
      So many bitter expats and a bunch of Dutch traitors, the one who would willingly want to become a minority in their own country. Also very nice of you to come to this country for us and not for yourself. Thank you, you have been very useful and your contribution has been amazing.

      1. “It is written by a woman, plus…”
        Stupid ignorant sexist pig of a man.
        You’re proving here that man and woman are far from being treated as equals in the Netherlands like in normal modern societies.

        1. Geez calm down, H. Collins said: Hello sir thank you for this article and Dentard said: It is written by a woman which is true right? It was probably not meant to be sexist. But I don’t know if he is a sexist but it’s clear that you are a racist (at least a xenophobe) to say that everyone in the Netherlands is a sexist because that’s absolute not true.

    1. David, volgens mij snap jij de woorden die jij begrijpt zelf niet. “Xenophobe” betekent dat je bang bent voor buitenlanders. Zoals ik jou heb zien reageren op deze site ben jij degene die een xenofoob is.
      En je maakt je ook schuldig aan je kop in het zand steken bij het zien van wat wij als taboes beschouwen in Nederland. Zo’n taboe is seksisme, dat mag niet worden besproken in Nederland, want anders komen enkele aanstellerige Nederlandse mannen in groepen al leuterend verhaal halen terwijl ze je de oren van het hoofd kletsen met non-argumenten. De meneer waarop ik reageerde uitte zich seksistisch, immers stipte hij het feit aan dat Soreh een vrouw was en impliceerde dat haar artikel daarom niet serieus mocht worden genomen.
      Jij schiet in de verdediging als iemand hem erop wijst dat hij zich gedraagt als een seksistische hork. Want in ons zogenaamde vrijheid van meningsuiting-land hebben wij allen heel goed geleerd dat je seksisme niet mag aankaarten. En je moet doen alsof het niet bestaat. Dus jij hebt dat heel goed gedaan. En ook aangetoond dat er Nederlanders zijn zonder kritisch denkvermogen (jij).
      En je Geez waardeer ik niet, meteen schelden. Geen beschaafde discussie, maar direct een krachtterm. Daarmee heb je ook aangetoond dat er Nederlanders zijn die niet beschaafd kunnen discussieren (jij).

    2. David Stein, mijn reactie was bedoeld voor de David boven jou die zich slechts David noemt. Dus het was geen reactie op jouw bericht.

      1. H. Collins maakte in het begin van zijn verhaal en klein foutje en zei “ Hello sir thank you for this article” waarop Dentard hem verbeterde door te zeggen “ It is written by a woman”. H. Collins maakte een klein foutje waarop Dentard hem verbeterde. De verbetering van Dentard was volgens mij niet seksistisch bedoeld. Hij bedoelde niet dat het geschreven was door een vrouw en daardoor niet serieus moest worden genomen. Ik herken de kritiek op Nederland, dat respecteer ik, maar persoonlijk vind ik het een beetje ver gaan om 17 miljoen mensen als racist te bestempelen. Alleen omdat ik ontken dat niet iedereen in Nederland een racist is berekend het niet dat ik persé een racist ben. Dus waarschijnlijk begrijpt u mijn reacties niet, maar ik wil niet overkomen als een xenofoob. Ik wil absoluut geen seksist verdedigen, maar ik denk dat u de reactie van Dentard verkeerd hebt begrepen. Excuses voor het ongemak, en we elkaar verkeerd hebben begrepen. Het enige wat ik wil zeggen is dat niet iedereen in Nederland een racist, seksist of xenofoob is. Ik erken dat er racisme is in Nederland, maar niet iedereen in Nederland is een racist, seksist of xenofoob. Nogmaals sorry, maar misschien is het ook niet zo super leuk om elkaar (vals) voor allemaal negatieve dingen uit te maken.

  49. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

    Being from central Europe, I moved to NL for studies but left after a few months… I had similar negative experiences.

    I agree that the medical system is not the best, there is worse for sure, but the “eigenrisico” system is purely non-sense in my opinion, nobody chooses to be sick or injured… and prevention is often easier through (regular) checks than therapy. They don’t seem to be setting on prevention.

    Also at Dutch university I experienced that students are mostly left on their own, not properly supervised or introduced to new tasks… this results into incompetence at later stages… they often don’t have the level they are supposed to have compared with foreigners.

    Often I also had the feeling that Dutch people have a “you cannot do” and a “the costumer is always wrong”-mentality, especially in services. Since when does a waiter for example need to ask his manager for making a table reservation for 10 people?

    Everything seemed to be over-regulated, even free time. I often felt a lack of space for freedom, spontaneity and creativity. Like mentioned, Dutch people seemed for me to lack originality, all being shaped by a certain system, acting very mechanical, very distant. What people call dutch directness, I would call it simply being rude.

    I appreciated though Dutch efficiency, beautiful tulip season and the beaches. I would love to come to NL as a tourist but I guess that living there is not my cup of tea.

    1. This is what normal criticism and not click baiting slander looks like, you all could learn something from this: author, other potentially bitter expats and Peter de Vries.

  50. Haha… wow. Spot on Soreh. You are not alone. It is not just you. So glad i found this post.

    American expat here for five years now. This article and comment thread is better than hours of therapy. When you are new to this country, you will get this creeping feeling of discomfort but will inevitably blame yourself because you are a decent person.

    It hit me around 1.5 years. This place is a “country club nation.” Everyone is beautiful and the architecture pretty. But it’s like living on a movie set surrounded by extras. Every point the author makes is 100% true. I honestly resisted believing it for a long time, as I wanted to rationalize our move here.

    This country is about money. Always has been. Making it. Keeping it. And somehow, unbelievably, not spending it unless it’s something that makes more money. Tax schemes galore. Those f***ing blue envelopes. And the purple ones for going 3 km over the speed limit, caught by a camera you didn’t even know was there. Like everything, you just get another bill in the mail with the iDeal logo and QR code on it. No debate. Pay up. Everything here is a revenue scheme.

    Arrogant elitism
    Didn’t you hear? The Netherlands is the best country in the world! And certainly the golden child of Europe. The smartest, most handsome of the EU! How do I know this? They will tell you every chance they get! That’s right, according to them the roads in Belgium suck and “Southern Europe is a backwater that mooches off the wealthy Dutch economy.” That’s an actual quote, btw. But they’re more than happy to buy property there and go for their holidays.

    The elitism wouldn’t be so bad if not for the arrogance. Look, I am American. I am uniquely qualified to identify this. For such a tiny little nation built on sand they sure have a high view of themselves.

    Dutch Directness
    It’s bullshit. They are just rude and have no social skills. They cannot read social cues. Because they don’t care. And yes, can confirm from personal experience it only goes one-way. Only the Dutch are allowed to be direct. Try it on them and they immediately call you “dramatic.” Sorry! I’m just being direct with you! (See how that works?)

    The Language
    It’s a blight on the larynx. It can easily be mistaken for an inflammatory response. Especially with the shouting. (Yes, Dutch children are the loudest I’ve ever heard.) And you know what? There’s zero reason to learn it. It’s completely worthless in today’s age. You’d be better off learning Icelandic as at least you can sound cool. Dutch is only spoken by a handful of people on the globe who would prefer to speak to you in English anyway. Dutch is reserved for the Dutch. They’re like a nation of identical twins speaking their own secret language to each other to hide their petty disdain for all things non-Dutch.

    Also, I work for a Dutch company that advertised itself as “International”. Bullshit. All staff meeting chit chat started in Dutch. “Iedereen” emails in Dutch. Borrels in Dutch until they realize you’re bored drinking your Hertog Jan and they pity you. BTW, there’s only three beers you can buy cold in this country. And they CHARGE you extra for “gekoeld” beer. (See above: Greed.) I was asked on my first day on the job if I was planning to learn to speak Dutch. Then the company refused to help pay for my lessons. Real int’l companies will help pay for this. Duh. Gotta save money where you can.

    The Food
    Everything on the shelves at the Albert Heijn down the street is EXACTLY the same, in the same SPOT, today as it was the day I arrived five years ago. It never changes except for the truckloads of cakes that arrive every holiday. (Yes, sugar. Or Stevia. They love it more than they love shit coffee.) Same goes for Jumbo. And Fomar is basically a smaller, sad Costco with nothing but cold cuts, cheese and “korting” underwear.

    Rijstaffel is great. But true Hollanders would still rather eat frikandel or kaassoufflé if given the choice. So gezellig!

    Speaking of their shit endemic fried food, just follow @dailydutchlunch on Instagram for that horrowshow. I once saw a dude at Centraal station eating sliced brown bread straight from a bag while chugging buttermilk from the carton. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! This whole country has the palette of a 10 year old child. Random shit you find in the fridge slapped on bread and squirted with mayo and sliced komkommer on top. Grilled cheese sandwiches. French fries. CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES. Try adult food, you might like it! (But probably won’t because it’s too different and change makes you uneasy.)

    Look, I’m from America so it’s automatically “better” in that it won’t ever bankrupt me. But that’s about the only upside. Paracetamol is not the answer to everything. We aren’t being “demanding” by asking for f***ing antibiotics. It’s a nation of farmers so they think they’re just “toughing it out.” But guess what? It’s also 2022 and if the science exists, I’d like to benefit from it please! Thanks! The least you could do, 27 year old “GP,” is look in my ears or use a stethoscope once in a while maybe?

    Calvinism! It’s the pillars! Everyone’s house is the same. Leave your curtains open but be sure to put that privacy film on. The toilet closet by the front door with the teacup sized sink to spill water on your shoes. THE CALENDAR! The couch is always over here and the tv always over there. Same spot. Every. House. The vertical stairs. The back garden shed. There is no better illustration of Dutch sameness than the terrace home. And if you ask for something different you are treated like a leper asking for skin lotion.

    They all dress the same. Blue blazer, white dress shirt/no tie, jeans and brown pointy dress shoes! Or, if you’re *really* a risk taker, some garish paisley rainbow shoe! You’re so daring Jeroen! Women all have long hair in a bun on top. Same, same, same. Doe normaal! Hoge bomen vangen veel wind!”

    Racism vs Tolerance
    Dutch tolerance is just another revenue scheme. (See “Greed” above.) Their tolerance only goes as far as it is profitable. Dutch companies will be lily white with a couple of token hires. Muslims are second class citizens here and mixed marriages are tolerated but if there’s a split, the browner person gets ditched immediately. It’s soft racism here for sure. But it’s still here. Belastingdienst toeslagenaffaire anyone?

    This one is just sad as it’s so ingrained even the local women don’t see it. If I had a nickel for every “The workday can get boring… She’s being too sensitive. He was just flirting. it is harmless…” I’ve heard, I’d be as rich as a Bloemendaaler. Women here consider themselves failures if they are not married with two toeheads in a bakfiets by 30. I lost count of how many sexist things I heard *at work* that would get you fired on the spot in the USA. #metoo is coming for them, and the reckoning will be GLORIOUS. It’s already starting.

    Bottom line is 8 out of every 10 Dutchies are kind of a dick. The two outsiders are usually really cool because they are actually self-aware and admit to their compatriots’ faults. (For the opposite, see: all of @Dentard’s desperate, adorable insults.)

    To all the dramatic, overly sensitive nationalist Dutchies insulted by my post. Google “Why the Netherlands sucks.” Or “Why is the Netherlands so boring.” You will see the same very specific criticisms over and over from many, many people. (Including other Dutchies! So traitorous!)

    It’s not us. It’s you. Unless it’s a mass delusion brought on by increased gouda intake.

    And yes, we’re leaving. Apologies to the Belastingdienst for the lost revenue. Certainly there’s some minority family you can scam to take our place.

  51. Hi there! This article couod nott be writtgen aany better!
    Readinjg througgh this article reminds mme oof my pdevious roommate!
    He always kept talking abgout this. I aam going too send thiis artixle too him.
    Pretty sure he’s going to have a gfeat read.
    Many thankms for sharing!

  52. As someone who was in Dutch last week. I can tell you men and especially women are so cold. I like warm places far more. Easier to communicate with other people, more opened and relaxed. I wouldn’t live here at all.

  53. Hahaha Dutch nationalist are funny why are they so natinolait about that country has no army has nothing to defend hahaha so funny and dumb.

  54. i mean, we dutch are some dumbasses who prioritize themselves over others, so i honestly get why you hate it here.

    it’s like we all have a superiority complex, plus most of us don’t like people from other countries, like we act all nice but it’ll take a while before we just accept a person into our society

  55. I am an expat who moved to Netherlands recently. I agree with point 2. People seem very aloof to me and transactional. The experience from apartment hunting to grocery shopping to even trying to talk to my neighbours. I’m trying to be open-minded & curious, trying not to generalise but I feel like I’m in a losing proposition. I cannot imagine staying here for too long. I obviously came here for international experience. I didnt think it would be this way, guess I’m starting to see very few reasons to stay.

  56. Fun read! I wouldn’t say I recognize most of these things but perhaps I grew up in another part of the country and things are done differently here (Rotterdam / The Hague / Zeeland). I do notice most of these small criticisms are things that can easily be changed by changing your own lifestyle and/or environment.

    What does strike me though is how this comment section seems to be an outlet for frustrated little nobodies who had some bad experiences here and use this article to smear all their verbal diarrhea over the internet. People, perhaps YOU are the problem, instead of generalizing an entire country of 17.5 million different people. Just remember one thing: The Netherlands has the highest quality of life in the world (if you don’t believe it, google ‘Quality of Life Index’ and most bad experiences you all had have either been because of your own shortcomings or because you just happened to land in a crappy environment. It’s RIDICULOUS to make all these generalizing statements. And yes, I’m also one of those Dutchies who says “if you don’t like it here, piss off”. Not towards the writer of this article, who obviously just wanted to make a fun lighthearted list of things she likes less, but towards all the smooth brain troglodytes in the comments who act like this country and its people are the worst in the world. You people don’t realize how lucky you are to be here. Drive into Belgium for 5 minutes and look at the roads and infrastructure to realize why that is (I’m sorry Belgians, I love you and I visit you a lot, but your infrastructure is a mess :’) ).

    1. Quality of life doesn’t mean that the country doesn’t have flaws. In fact society wise I feel like The Netherlands is bankrupt. People here have no manners, are selfish and kids have a tendency to be horrible little sh*ts.

      I am Dutch by passport and wouldn’t mind leaving for a while. I’ll be sure to let myself out when it happens.

    2. “Sure thing Jan.”

      Haha… the Belgian roads thing. If cheese-addled Dutchies are one thing it’s predictable. And you’re from the South? You mean, you’re a “Spare Belgian”?

      – Signed, A Proud Smooth-Brained Frustrated Little Nobody Troglodyte

    3. Jij bent het probleem voor veel mensen, Jan. Want van jou mogen misstanden niet worden aangekaart en kunnen ze dus nooit worden opgelost. De mensen die misstanden als racisme en seksisme ondergaan moeten het over zich heen laten komen van mensen zoals jij en mogen er nooit iets op terugzeggen. Jij hebt immers geen last van racisme en seksisme. En deze mensen waarvan je vindt dat ze niks mogen zeggen (je vindt niet dat ze vrijheid van meningsuiting moeten hebben? Kritiek mag niet?) noem jij “lucky”.
      Mensen zijn niet lucky dat ze hier zijn. Want mensen zijn gelijk aan elkaar. Jij bent lucky dat je in een land leeft waar jij je ongestraft superieur mag voelen aan anderen en je ook zo mag uiten, terwijl je in andere landen allang op je vingere zou zijn getikt door je chauvinistische gedrag.

  57. I recognize some thing in this article and I don’t hink I find it very funny. But the comment section sucks. I agree there are things that can be better, and yes, the Netherlands is very Calvinistic/Protestant (zuinig) but I don’t agree that some people say we are narcissistic and arrogant and that everyone is a racist, sexist xenophobe. I agree there is xenophobia and discrimination in the Netherlands, but that’s literally in every country, and I don’t think it’s such a horrible country. And I don’t our directness is meant to be rude. And we are very thrifty/Calvinistic/Protestant because we have a littlebit a bad history with the Catholic Church (no hate to Catholics). So, yes the Netherlands isn’t the best country and it has some troubles, but it’s also not the worst country and some of you think all the Dutch people are arrogant, narcissistic, greedy, racist, sexist and xenophobic but that’s not true. I don’t think all the bad things are because of the Netherlands, but also a littlebit from the expats that hate it so much and are very negative about it. It’s not only because the Netherlands is such a bad country

    1. If the word “Jew” is used as a ways to call people names, oftentimes preceded by a disease I think it’s safe to say racism is an issue here.

      But you’re right that xenophobia and racism is a problem globally.

    2. Maar van mensen als jij mag er niet eens over worden gepraat. Jij denkt: racisme en seksisme zijn overal, dus Nederland zit goed.

      Je wordt zo deel van het probleem als ontkenner en het niet serieus nemen van mensen die er wat over durven te zeggen. Door mensen als jij is Nederland seksistischer en racistischer dan de andere West-Europese landen. Want van jou mag er over niks worden gesproken en mag er dus niks worden opgelost. En dat alles om je fragiele ego dat gelooft in het geweldige Nederland te verdedigen. Nederland is ook geweldig in sommige opzichten, maar om ons land beter te maken moet je het wel kunnen hebben over enorme Nederlandse problemen, zoals racisme en seksisme. Laten we niet laf zijn en laten we het oplossen. En wees niet egoistisch door het af te doen als onbelangrijk, omdat jij er als blanke man geen last van hebt. Dat is gewoon egoistisch en oneerlijk dat jij vindt dat andere mensen wel die last van racisme en sekisme moeten dragen, terwijl jij zorgeloos en blij kunt leven.

      1. Sorry, maar ik snap niet waarom je zo’n schijt hekel aan me hebt. Je hebt me nooit ontmoet. Ik heb nooit gezegd dat ik racisme tolereer. Ik zeg alleen dat het een beetje ver gaat om iedereen in een land als racist een seksist te bestempelen. Ik vind ook dat we racisme moeten oplossen, maar jij doet er ook weinig aan , want jij loopt alleen op mij te haten terwijl je me niet eens kent. U klinkt niet als een erg vriendelijk persoon aangezien dat je beweert dat ik racist ben terwijl ik dat niet ben. Ik zou graag een vriendelijk gesprek met u willen voeren maar ik weet niet of jij dat wel wilt omdat je zonder een goede reden op mij loopt te haten.

      2. Als u met mij een normaal gesprek wil voeren over racisme in Nederland zonder iedereen voor racist uit te maken vind ik het helemaal oké. We moeten het racisme en seksisme niet gaan ontkennen (wat ik ook niet doe). Ik had vroeger een hekel aan Nederland, maar de laatste tijd ben ik dit land meer gaan waarderen ook al erken ik dat er veel problemen zijn.

  58. Everything you said is correct. Dutch people are the coldest M*ther F*ckers in Europe. They don’t know how to hug, kiss, show intimacy as friends or even as family. Very strange people, lacking human- emotionm sensitivity. That’s because of the hard live here. Originally, of you read the history, the Netherlands is a poor country. It doesn’t have much elements in the soil. Most good thing they have, are coming from the old colonies like Indonesia, Suriname. Also they import a lot from Marocco, Turkey, Latin America, other countries.

  59. It’s not true. Dutch people aren’t cold, they are just direct. And direct means it usually seems rude. In The United States for example people sugarcoat everything and they are amazing liars. In The Netherlands people don’t usually sugarcoat stuff.

    1. You’re not so much cold as completely devoid on normal, modern social skills. They have no need for them. Being nice is bad for business.

      Also, I call bullsh*t again on “Dutch Directness.” How do I know? Try, as an immigrant, to be Dutch Direct back. Thinnest-skinned people ever. You can dish it, but you can’t take it.

  60. Well. I married one. What a fucking mistake. They are all narcs… they are effin selfish. Food is horrible, not hospitable, nationalistic, racist, rude, arrogant, stubborn, cold, nasty, conniving….

  61. I agree with 100% of the things written. I am half dutch and half italian (double nationality), I speak fluent the language and have lived here for 13 years. Gosh is it difficult to make friends in this shallow country.

  62. I think the election results of last week put any doubts about all these criticisms of the Dutch to rest. It’s now official: The Netherlands is a xenophobic, greedy, isolationist, tribal and petty nation that will do whatever serves their own inbred bloodlines’ interest. Everyone else be damned. Unlike the American right-wing’s slogan to “drain the swamp,” The Dutch did that hundreds of years ago to create this nation and revealing only the remaining muck that elected Geert Wilders’ party. So glad I left.


  63. שלום,
    I would like to thank the author for her heartfelt post. The fact that immediately locals jam up to attack her proves definitively that she is correct on all points. The Netherlands is a great place scientifically and logistically, but in terms of some of the Dutch people, the food and the doctors… There can be no improvement unless the people actually accept that something is wrong, odds are that what is broken in the Netherlands will remain broken forever. If the people don’t see their coldness as a problem, they will remain the same way forever.

  64. I am born here in The Netherlands but I think this article is very helpful to understand our own behavior and yes, I do agree with most of it. So maybe its time for us to do something about it instead of hating other cultures.

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