Month: April 2020


What It’s Like to Live With a Serious Injury, and What I’VE Learned From It so Far

I’m writing this for everyone who’s ever had a serious injury and had to learn to live with it for a long period of time. I’m writing this for everyone who’s had to suffer quietly because the medical system is slow and not always the best. I’m writing this because I have to endure a […]


Greek Yogurt Bowl

Why is Greek yogurt so much tastier than regular yogurt? I still haven’t figured out that answer.  I eat Greek yogurt quite often even though dairy hurts my stomach. Some days you just gotta brave it and eat the things you love. With the help of lactase supplements, I’m able to eat Greek yogurt and […]


Plov, a Rice Dish

Are you one of those people that love one-pot dishes? This is for you. Everyone makes this dish differently, this is my family’s recipe with my own spin on it. Plov is a rice dish traditionally made with lamb, however, I prefer chicken so that’s the protein I use.  Ingredients   1 cup of rice […]

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