Sunny Side Up Morning

Sunny Side Up Morning

Eggs are one of the most universal items to use in any meal. I use them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes I use them in 2 or more meals a day. 

The Price is Right

It is so easy to make an egg, and they come at a good price. At my grocery store, a tray of 30 eggs is only €5,49 ($6 USD), that’s only €0,18 ($0.20 USD) an egg! That’s a great deal when you want to save money, but be able to have a filling meal. 

The best part of making eggs is, it takes almost no time to prepare them. It only takes 2 to 4 minutes to fry up eggs, depending on how you like the yolk.

How to Prepare Eggs

I start my eggs with putting some oil in the pan and get the pan hot. Once the pan is hot, crack the eggs into the pan. Add spices such as salt, pepper, paprika and dill. Cover the pan for 2  to 4 minutes. If you want runny eggs, cook them for closer to 2 minutes. If you’d like a more solid yolk, cook them for up to 4 minutes.

I always take a piece of bread, add a slice of cold cuts onto the slice of bread, and then add the fried eggs on top. 

For a more filling and nutritious meal, chop up some veggies on the side like cucumbers and tomatoes.

Eggs only take minutes to make and seconds to devour.

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