Month: July 2022


Financial Health Doesn’t Happen Overnight, but It Can Be Achieved

Please take note this blog post contains affiliate links. Anyone who knows or follows me on social media knows I’m a fanatic about personal finance. Growing up in an extremely poor home, then living with upper-middle-class foster parents, living on my own with very low pay, and now living comfortably on a two-person salary has […]


Amazing Photographers Who Are Also Foreigners Living In The Netherlands

Most people will hire a photographer at one point or another in their life. A good photographer will take amazing photos of your family gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, engagement photos, and more. Companies hire photographers to photograph their staff, social media content, conferences, products, and much more. The thing is, every […]


5 Important Lessons I Learned After a Year of Freelancing in the Netherlands

Freelancing was something I never thought I would do as my primary job. Over the years, I have taken various projects here and there, but maybe a few projects every few months, if that. But sometimes, life gives you a choice about your future, and you must make a monumental decision. That’s what happened to […]

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