Greek Yogurt Bowl

Greek Yogurt Bowl

Why is Greek yogurt so much tastier than regular yogurt? I still haven’t figured out that answer. 

I eat Greek yogurt quite often even though dairy hurts my stomach. Some days you just gotta brave it and eat the things you love. With the help of lactase supplements, I’m able to eat Greek yogurt and other dairy products more than once a year. 

There are many health benefits to Greek yogurt such as bone health and feeling full for longer because of the protein content.

I start with scooping a few spoonfuls of yogurt into a bowl and topping it with some kind of fruit like raspberries. I also like to add granola. It’s tasty and filling.

Don’t be afraid to add nuts, berries, dried fruit, and honey, or more to your yogurt. I usually switch it up so I’m not eating the same thing all the time.

If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt, take a leap and see how you like it.

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