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I love fresh spring rolls. There are so many different kinds of spring rolls out there. Some are made with fish, others from meat, or even noodles. So I decided to try to make some with shrimp and fresh veggies. I have been wanting to make them for months. I finally got motivated because my sister kept telling me to try to make new things. Usually, I cook what I already know how to make or some kind of food close to something I know how to make. This recipe is inspired by recipes that I read online. I wasn’t following any specific fresh spring roll recipe, so all the ingredients can be substituted for or left out.

So I began to gather my ingredients. I bought rice paper, sweet bell peppers, and cucumbers from the grocery store. Then I went to the farmers market for the remaining ingredients. I bought already cooked but uncleaned shrimp from the fish stand in the market. The fish seller, an Asian man (most likely Vietnamese), was confused about why I was picking shrimp instead of some sort of meat. He told me that in Vietnam, they make the spring rolls with cooked meat and veggies. I explained to him that I read many Thai recipes that made them out of fresh veggies and shrimp. He gave me the best shrimp he thought would work for the spring rolls I was making. I also picked up some dill and a carrot.

I went home and started on my spring rolls. The first thing I did was peel the shrimp. It was quite hard because I think I only peeled shrimp maybe once before in my whole life. It’s not an ingredient that I grew up eating because of Jewish Kosher dietary restrictions. Despite them coming out a little wonky after being peeled and deveined, they turned out pretty yummy. Follow this easy recipe to make your delicious spring rolls.


  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Bell Pepper
  • Dill
  • Shrimp
  • Rice Paper
  • Warm Water for Rice Paper
  • Some sort of dipping sauce. I used an already prepared sweet chili sauce. 


  • Cut all the veggies into long thin strips.
  • Clean/cook the shrimp as needed.
  • Soak the rice paper in warm water or follow the instructions on the packaging.
  • Put the soft rice paper on a flat surface. Add the veggies and shrimp into the middle. 
  • Fold the sides to form a roll.
  • Dip the spring roll into a sauce and enjoy it.

What I Learned From Making These

  • I should have cut the veggies into thinner strips.
  • I should have rolled the rice paper tighter around the veggies and the shrimp.
  • It never hurts to try new things. They may turn out delicious.

Despite these mistakes, the spring rolls turned out pretty good. I highly advise you to take a crack at making them.

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