The One and Only Thing That Got Rid of My Acne

The One and Only Thing That Got Rid of My Acne

As far as I can remember, I’ve struggled with acne on my face. It was never super bad, but it was always there. I tried so many different creams and face washes to get rid of it. I tried to remove things from my diet, like sugar and dairy. I’m from Wisconsin, so cutting out dairy is really hard. Wisconsin is known as America’s dairyland. That never really worked. I even used some special products from a dermatologist. It was always so frustrating for me. People kept telling me that when you hit twenty, the acne will disappear, but it didn’t. I was never able to get rid of the pimples on my face. 

My face in America.

Until…I did one thing that changed my life. And no, I did not use a special face wash. I didn’t use a cream or ointment. I did not get any facials. All I did was move to the Netherlands. Crazy as it sounds, my acne completely disappeared a little bit after I moved here. I didn’t notice it all that much until my sister kept telling me that my face is so clear. She asked me what I was using. The answer was and still is, absolutely nothing. 

Sometimes my friends tell me that my face is so clear. My sister mentions it a lot as well. I get asked what I use. The truth is, I do not really use anything. I put on face lotion maybe twice or three times a year. I use a face wash from Lush maybe once every three months. And yes, I know that I really need to have a skincare routine to keep me looking moisturized and glowing. That will come. We are all a working progress.

Possible/Probable Causes of My Acne

It must have been all the stress I had in the US. It was probably also hormone, antibiotic, and chemical-filled that I was eating in the US. And of course, they still put that stuff in the food here, but not to the extent they do in the US. We don’t realize how badly stress can affect us. I never did. I started noticing that whenever I am in a stressful situation or go back to the US for a visit, I would break out like crazy.

I guess I just needed some time to myself and time away from my crazy work life. I barely had any time for myself when I lived in the states. I worked a lot, had a very long commute to work, and ate like crap. I wasn’t taking care of myself. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t definitively say that stress, hormone, antibiotic, and chemical filled food caused my acne. However, because I’ve started paying attention to how my body reacts when I’m in a stressful environment or back in the states, I can say that I probably got acne because of all those things.

Tweaking My Lifestyle

My lifestyle changed dramatically since I moved to the Netherlands. I started working part-time. I started cooking healthier meals and actually taking the time to enjoy them. I still drink a lot of coffee. But instead of 7 cups a day, I only drink around 2 or 3. I prioritized movement, whether that be taking a walk, a bike ride, or doing a workout at the gym.

My face now in the Netherlands.

If you are struggling with acne, do go to a doctor if you feel that is necessary. There are a million reasons why you have acne that is completely unrelated to your environment. But, I advise that you also look around you. Are you sleeping enough? Are you stressed? Are you eating properly? What exactly are you ingesting? What is in the products that you use and what side effects occur because of those ingredients? I will say this again, I am not a doctor. I’m not saying stop taking medicine or not listening to the medical professionals. My advice is, just try to also look at your daily life and adjust it accordingly. Look at all the factors.

I know this advice will not help everyone. People can have acne for a million reasons, some having to do with medical issues that this advice won’t help in any way shape, or form. I just hope that it will help some of you. Your body is a temple and we should treat it as such. I’m still learning that. 

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4 thoughts on “The One and Only Thing That Got Rid of My Acne

  1. Hi Soreh,

    Your facial skin looks so lovely now. Indeed, “lekker in je vel zijn” is so important. A healthy lifestyle gives a healthy glow.

  2. Being in happy state is the solution to both physical and mental health.
    Body is indeed a temple and we need to maintain it with self awareness.
    Keep writing ,it boosts readers like me.
    Be Happy 😊❣❣

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