My Voyage Out of Quarantine

My Voyage Out of Quarantine

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To be honest, quarantine was very hard for me. I’m not the type to stay in one place. I love to roam around, work from different places, and always have a new view. Sitting at home, not doing anything except for taking frequent walks and bike rides, was challenging.

I’m not one to follow the news, but in such a situation that affected my everyday life, I watched the news like a hawk. I meticulously organized my trip for the moment travel would be possible again. I never ever plan holidays. I just buy a ticket or get into the car, and see where I end up.

Our newest accessory, a bike rack.

I was so overjoyed when the government announced that many countries within the EU would open the borders to each other on June 15. I was going to go to France. For one, it’s a beautiful country with amazing food and wine, but also, my sister lives in Paris

Getting in the car and driving over the border made me so happy. I felt like a bird finally free from its cage. It was an amazing feeling. 

Where We Decided to Visit

My boyfriend and I agreed on a place to spend a few days of quality time together before visiting my sister, the Normandy region of France. I have been to France several times before, but this was my first time in Normandy. 

We stayed at an incredibly homey bed and breakfast called Le Clos Saint Paul in a small town called Tourny. The town is tiny. It was the perfect location: quiet, peaceful, and stunning countryside. The host barely spoke a word of French but made a real effort to try to communicate with us and make us as comfortable as possible. It only costs us €105 ($118) a night including breakfast.

Petit Déjeuner (Breakfast)

Our reservation included a delicious breakfast consisting of fresh pastries such as croissants, homemade jam, homegrown strawberries, and more. I love a good French breakfast, so that was heaven for me. 

Breakfast in the library.

One night eating dinner out and the next night eating dinner at the B&B. The host had an assortment of wines to choose from. The meal was some sort of chicken with vegetables finished by apple cake for dessert. It was the perfect homemade meal. I felt right at home.

The library and dining room.

Touring Normandy

We spent our time visiting a magnificent castle in the nearby town of La Roche-Guyon. We got there by biking, of course, we are Dutch. The people of the Netherlands never go anywhere without their bikes. We also toured the town of Vernon on the seine river, which has a very old history and fascinating story.

Château de La Roche-Guyon

Spa Treatment

Another perk of the B&B was that it had a sauna and hot tub. If I had ever seen the B&B from the outside, I would have never guessed they had a mini spa. It was a wonderful surprise. My boyfriend loves the sauna, and I love hot tubs. Being that the borders just opened, it appeared that we were the only guests, so we got the spa all to ourselves. 

The view from our room.

Everything about Le Clos Saint Paul was perfect. The countryside was stunning, the service was impeccable and the entire place was spotless and homey. There were so many beautiful personal touches in the place. It was my dream vintage home. The host even gave us a bottle of locally made cider as we checked out. I highly advise you tour Normandy and stay at Le Clos Saint Paul Bed and Breakfast. 

Vintage Bedpost

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How did you feel coming out of quarantine?

2 thoughts on “My Voyage Out of Quarantine

  1. Oh my….that photo at the top of you and the bike. Well taken!

    I can read you were smitten with this B&B and seeing from the photos it looks unique and very welcoming. THAT is the charm of such B&B’s. It’s sort of like coming home while away from home. The pictures look very french. I do hope you had a nice stay with your sister as well.

    During these summer months were traveling was allowed we decided to not go abroad. We cancelled our original trip to Spain. I had a bad feeling about this pandemic. So instead we rented a cabin in Zeeland. Whereas we usually go abroad, the US most of the time lately, we now ended up rediscovering my country.

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