A Stunning Hotel in Mexico to Visit That Isn’t a Resort

A Stunning Hotel in Mexico to Visit That Isn’t a Resort

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With everything that has happened in the world for the last year and a half, a lot of us who love to travel can’t stop thinking about it. I certainly cannot. My love for travel has been around for years. When I was a child, my parents sent my sisters and me all over the United States. When I was 18 years old, I finally left the country and started traveling the rest of the world. Now I have been to Israel, Canada, Mexico, and all over Europe. One of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to was Huay Pix, Mexico. This tiny town in the state of Quintana Roo is worth a visit. 

My partner Kevin and I stayed at Posada del Brujo, a quaint hotel located on a stunning lagoon, close to the big city of Chetumal. The lagoon is called Laguna Milagros. You can find all sorts of colors in the lagoon, from deep greens to deep blues. You do not even have to go anywhere to get to the lagoon, Laguna Milagros is steps away from your hotel room. It is amazing to wake up and swim in such a beautiful body of water. It is truly one of the most magical places I’ve ever been to. Although beware, it is quite hot compared to the typical weather where I live, the Netherlands.

Do Not Let the Hotel Room Fool You, It Is Amazing

Posada del Brujo is not the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at, but it does the job. There is a place to sleep, a bathroom, and even a space to eat. The room was quite boring but massive. Just like in the rest of Quintana Roo and Yucatan, where we stayed, the AC barely worked due to the insane heat. But that is quite normal in those high temperatures. For such a stunning view, I would have taken most hotel rooms with a view. I mean, where can you find a hammock hung to a structure on the water? I felt like I was in some sort of dream.

I would like to say that the host was amazing! He accommodated every one of our needs. I spent my days at Posada del Brujo by the lagoon, eating tons of delicious gelato pops that the host provided. I got to relax, read a book, swim, and not worry about life. Breakfast was delicious as well. Luckily for Kevin and me, when we asked if we can have a traditional Mexican breakfast, the host wowed us. There was a ton of food and it was delicious.

The host even recommended that we go for a boat ride in a nearby town on another body of water. The kind that has sand beaches in the middle of it. He even set up the whole excursion for us. I had never seen such diverse colors in the same body of water as I had seen there. It was epic. There is nothing like having an incredible host that will show you the local way of life. That is why Kevin and I rarely stay in resorts or big chain hotels. We appreciate the authentic experience. 

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Taking a Vacation Without Working

In all of the places we stayed at, the wifi left something to be desired. I think that is quite normal because we didn’t stay much in big cities, and certainly not in resorts. Unfortunately, back then, I was working for a company that would not let me take a real vacation unless it was a holy day on the Jewish calendar, such as Rosh Hashanah. So my trip to Mexico was difficult because I could not work on my laptop. Thank god I work for myself now and don’t have to worry about that as much anymore. 

Despite the spotty wifi and the average hotel room, I would absolutely recommend visiting Posada del Brujo. You will not regret it. Vacation should be about relaxing, so who cares about good wifi? It is very rare to find such an incredibly beautiful place that is not overrun by tourists. Our whole experience was peaceful and relaxing. 

What is a place that you always recommend people visit?

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  1. Did you fly into Cancun? Chetumal? How did you go from the airport to Posada el brujo? And why is it the home of the witch?

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