The Dutch Should Get More Credit for Their Approach to Beauty

The Dutch Should Get More Credit for Their Approach to Beauty

Do you want to know what I really love about the Netherlands? One of the top reasons that I love living in the Netherlands is the approach to beauty. I know, sounds a bit exaggerated but it’s the truth. Even throughout Europe, every country has a different approach to beauty. In some countries, clothing and make-up are super important, and in some, it doesn’t matter as much. The Netherlands is probably the most laid back when it comes to those things. People here appreciate the natural look and relaxed clothing style.

Peer Pressure Is Real

Although I’m originally from Wisconsin, I lived many years in New York City. The pressure to dress up, wear make-up, get your hair, nails, eyebrows, and more done was unbelievable. Even if no one told you to dress up etc, there were giant ads everywhere bombarding you with things to buy to better your look. This wasn’t only in NYC, but most places I’ve visited in the states and in some other countries. 

I never cared though. Not when I lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, or Hawaii. I still don’t care. To me feeling comfortable is the most important factor when buying clothes. I rarely even buy clothing anymore because if it doesn’t fit well, it doesn’t come home with me. I probably don’t wear two-thirds of my closet. When I lived in America, I used to buy way more clothing, but now, it’s extremely rare.

Jeans Rule in The Netherlands

I so appreciate that no one really seems to care here. It’s also a bit odd sometimes because I have all these nice dresses that I can’t wear anywhere. Can you imagine going to a birthday party in a nice dress when everyone is wearing jeans and a t-shirt? I don’t know about you but that just makes me uncomfortable. On the rare occasion I will dress up, but that’s a rarity. I was even shocked to see my partner Kevin go to a job interview in jeans, and not the fancy jeans. But apparently, that’s normal here. 

Let’s talk make-up, hair, etc. First of all, I never really wore make-up. I have plenty of make-up because I hoped one day I’d wear it. But when it came down to it, I maybe wear make-up three times a year. I feel better going barefaced, and luckily for me, my Kevin feels the same. I will admit that I love a bright lip, so if I’m wearing make-up, it’s usually just that.

My Favorite Places to Shop

Personally, my favorite clothing store here is C&A. I feel like they just get my style. Nothing is too exaggerated or uncomfortable. I also love Primark although the quality can sometimes be questionable. For undergarments, I’ll also sometimes go to Hunk Moller. They have some great sales. Where do you like to shop?

Can we just talk about how amazing that hairclip thing Dutch women can do? Every time I’m in public or even passing by my neighbors, I can’t help but look at their hair. A lot of women put a clip in and it looks amazing and so effortless. Believe me, I have tried to do the same thing to my hair and it doesn’t cooperate. How do they make their hair look so good with just a clip?

Even Ads Have Natural Looking People

Most Dutch women won’t heat style their hair or their make-up. If they do, it’s very simple and natural-looking. I so appreciate the natural approach to life here. You see it in the ads on TV and in magazines as well. Although of course the actors/models wear make-up and are photoshopped, it’s nowhere near the level that it is in the USA or other beauty-conscious countries. Even the people in the ads seem to look more real. Like people that would be your neighbors or something.

People have been trying to get me to have a skincare routine for years. It’s not going to happen. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of your skin, you absolutely should. But marketing should not be driving your decision. Your skincare should be science-based. Go to a dermatologist, talk to your doctor, or have a consultation with someone who is actually trained in this sort of thing with science-based qualifications. Companies will tell you anything to sell products. There are many ways that you can get clearer skin without using much or any products. So please talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.

It’s Important to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I love a lot of aspects about living here, but being comfortable in my own skin is definitely one of my top five. You can go to the beach topless and no one judges you. You can change at the gym without comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to do your hair or make-up every time you go out. I can wear what makes me feel most comfortable. I love leggings so I wear them basically every day. I know that they still aren’t that popular here, but I’m working on changing that. One day the Netherlands will catch on. 

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How do you feel about the laid-back approach to beauty here?

11 thoughts on “The Dutch Should Get More Credit for Their Approach to Beauty

  1. I feel totally the same!! In my country women in TV or real life are exuberant and here just so so sooo natural or basic 🤔 I’m still defining myself in this country!

  2. I completely agree on this! I always feel like I can go out without make up and still feel beautiful here. I love their approach to this as well. Very interesting topic!

  3. ‘Even througout Europe’.. what do you mean even? Every country is different..
    It’s not okay to go to a job interview in not nice jeans..

    But at the same time us Dutchies are judgemental as fuck and will judge everything you will be wearing or not wearing.. They just won’t say it to your face 🙂

  4. Hi Soreh, I saw that you replied to my comment on the importance for everyone to shift towards more sustainable and ethical shopping, but I am unable to access your reply as it seems to have been taken down. I’m very curious as to what I missed!

  5. For my first job interview in the netherlands i got out my shall we say English office working clothes and high heels.
    I looked out of place, and felt it. It took me a while to realise that you can go casually, i personally still can’t. I always wear dresses and tights and make sure im suitable to work in an english office. Suitable but comfy. The only thing i changed, is i now wear sneakers instead of shoes 😀 its much more comfortable, i do miss being able to walk in heels though. And some times i feel like i am a bit of slob because i’m not dressed smartly.
    But with the dress code in the Netherlands, for weddings and funerals you never have to worry that you are going to be under dressed.
    You can just pop on an old dress, and no one notices.
    In England i found people noticed more.
    I also love C & A.
    I’m wearing a cardigan from there now.

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