How to Spice up a Bowl of Instant Ramen Noodles

How to Spice up a Bowl of Instant Ramen Noodles

Do you ever feel like you want a hot lunch, but don’t want to cook everything from scratch? That’s where instant ramen comes in. I always have a few packages of it on hand whenever I want a quick hot lunch. I always add some other elements to spice it up, like eggs and veggies. I love getting creative with my food. You can buy ramen in bulk on Amazon. Here is a simple way to perk up a boring bowl of instant ramen. 


  • Instant ramen noodles
  • Water for the noodles
  • Dill
  • Cooked sausage
  • An Egg


  • Boil an egg.
  • Follow the instructions on the instant ramen noodle package to soften the noodles.
  • Drain the water once the noodles are soft enough to eat.
  • Chop up some dill and the cooked sausage.
  • Cut the egg in half.
  • Put the noodles in a bowl. 
  • Add the dill, cooked sausage, and egg on top.

Here is another instant ramen recipe that you might be interested in. Use the same methods as the recipe above.

I also made this one. Herb cheese, grilled meat, imitation crab and tomatoes.

Dig in and enjoy your ramen bowl!

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  1. When I’m in a rush and don’t have a normal lunch, I also eat ramen in a cup. I flavor it up by adding cheese to it and sticking it in the microwave.

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