10 Snacks You Have Got to Try While in the Netherlands

10 Snacks You Have Got to Try While in the Netherlands

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The Dutch aren’t known at all for their food. But did you know that they have some pretty great snacks? I have been living in the Netherlands for about 2 ½ years now, and have grown fond of some of the typical snacks people eat here. You can find these snacks at most snack bars, markets and/or grocery stores. This is especially the perfect time to try some traditional Dutch snacks since you can sit on a terrace and enjoy some Dutch beer with them. Here are some snacks that you have got to try while you’re in the Netherlands.

1. Frietjes met

It literally translates to “fries with.” Most places serve these delicious fries with a sauce called fritessaus. This sauce is like mayonnaise but it contains way less oil and more water than mayonnaise. It’s cheaper and slightly healthier. You can buy this delicious sauce on Amazon. Fries are also often served with peanut sauce, stemming from all the Indonesian influence. Besides those two sauces, you can also eat these fries with several other kinds of sauces like ketchup and truffle mayo.

2. Haring

Haring is herring. The herring is only brined before it’s served to you. Sometimes it’s cut into pieces, but more popular is to eat the filet whole, tail side eaten last. Sometimes they are served with chopped onions and pickles.

3. Poffertjes

These delicious mini pancakes are fluffy and doused in butter and powdered sugar. A delectable treat on a cold day. I am eating these poffertjes in the featured photo of this blog post.

4. Oliebollen

An oliebol is a deep-fried dough ball. Usually, it’s just dough or dough with raisins. It’s served with powdered sugar on top. Yup, there’s a running theme. The Dutch love their poedersuiker: powdered sugar. This fried treat is popular during the winter holidays. 

5. Dubbelzoute Drop

Double salted licorice is super popular in the Netherlands. I personally cannot stand this extremely salty snack but many like it. This interesting treat is sold on Amazon. I much prefer honingdrop: honey licorice. This one is also sold on Amazon. The Dutch love their licorice so it comes in many forms and flavors, there are even licorice-flavored Mentos.

6. Kaas

I can’t tell you how many incredible cheeses I have tried in the Netherlands, from super young Gouda cheese to years aged cheese. The next time you go shopping, be spontaneous and pick up a few kinds of cheeses that you’ve never tried. Some bars also serve cheese platters. I am especially fond of the aged cheeses. They have an intense flavor and aroma. I love reading a good book and snacking on cheese. Here are some of my favorite books.

7. Hollandse Aardbeien

I have yet to find better, more delicious strawberries than the ones in the Netherlands. During the strawberry season, you can find these sweet candy-like fruits at places like farm stores and grocery stores. The ones grown in a greenhouse or imported from other countries taste very different. Take advantage of the strawberry season.

8. Pannenkoeken

These large pancakes are my boyfriend’s favorite. They are so good. You can get these topped with all kinds of things like, of course, powdered sugar, strawberries, cheese, and more. It’s quite filling so don’t come stuffed to the restaurant.

9. Vlaai

Vlaai is a pastry filled with different sorts of fruit. The best vlaai can be found in the Dutch province of Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. Luckily my neighbor is from Limburg, and she always brings back this tasty pastry when she comes back from visiting her family.

10. Frikandel Speciaal

This stick of minced meat is served cut in half, filled with mayonnaise, curry sauce, and chopped onions. You can also find frikandel served alone or in a baked pastry called a frikandelbroodje. I personally prefer the pastry to the speciaal version.

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Which of these snacks have you tried? Which are your favorite?

16 thoughts on “10 Snacks You Have Got to Try While in the Netherlands

  1. how can u have a blog on Dutch snacks and not mention Kroketten, bitterballen or kibbeling not to mention stroopwaffles and boschballen.

  2. Interesting article. Although I was born in Canada and have only visited The Netherlans once, I know some of these snacks because my mother and oma made them. My parents were post-WWII immigrants to Alberta, Canada. My dad came in 1949, my mom in 1950 and my oma and tante in 1953. I love poffertjes and oliebollen. You forgot to mention that iebollen are the traditional New Years’ eve and New Year’s’ day snack. I like them rolled in icing sugar.

  3. As a Dutchie I wouldn’t call pancakes a snack. But bitterballen are one of the main snacks we would pride ourselves for. Served with mustard and an ice cold (Dutch) beer!
    Oliebollen are traditionally eaten for New Year’s eve and New Year’s day, with a generous sprinkle of icing sugar on top.
    Really appreciate people writing up articles like these to share some Dutch culture.

  4. Oliebollen are only eaten around New Years eve. Over time olie bollen kramen started popping up around November and stay till New Years eve. What few know is that there is a skill to baking oliebollen. If you take them out to early the center is still a lump of raw dough. The early settlers in America found a solution for that by punching a whole in the middle and voila the doughnut was born!

  5. What about the “kroketten” ?
    Kroketten en bitterballen are the most loved snacks during any Dutch event.

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